5 Ways to Make your Conservatory Fit Into A Georgian Theme

Conservatories can be a highly rewarding investment, regardless of how old your home is. They create a charming new living space for your indoor environment and are extremely versatile. Conservatories also allow you to raise the value of your home, which is a smart choice if you have any plans to move house in the future. Georgian conservatories – practical and elegant Georgian architecture describes...

Why wood is the way forward for most savvy homeowners

green apple solid wood
Many homeowners favour wooden floors over carpets because of their impressive durability, authentic charm and great versatility. They can be adapted to many different interior styles and can provide plenty of economic benefits in the long term. Despite the ongoing global economic problems, there are still many cost-effective ways that homeowners can maximise the aesthetic and economic potential of...

Can I Add a Conservatory To My Property?

So here’s the problem – you’ve just moved into a new home and you’re considering building a conservatory to give you a little extra room,but you’re not sure if you can add an extension to your property. These days there are many building regulations to adhere to and you may need to obtain planning permission before you do make any concrete plans, otherwise you may be penalised. How do...