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    Gradient Metrics

    Headquarters: New York


    Are you insatiably curious? A lover of research, statistics, and programming? Do you enjoy a formidable business challenge? If so, then we share a lot in common and would love to get to know you better.

    What is Gradient?

    We’re a new breed of market researchers and data scientists that apply statistical models to make difficult decisions easier.  We create actionable intelligence from data of any kind. We investigate deeply and iteratively to solve problems, not symptoms. Above all else,  we are never satisfied with the first layer of understanding.
    We help a diverse array of clients from Series A startups to Fortune 100 companies precisely evaluate their marketing campaigns, calculate customer lifetime value, assess brand equity and experiment with new product design. And that’s just an appetizer.
    There is no “standard” day at Gradient — we like to push the norm by exploring new methodologies and technologies. We can do this because we are lean, flexible, and efficient. This makes us a little different than our peers and we’re looking for someone with a healthy dose of curiosity, brilliance, and (a bit of) grit to join us. Want to know more about who we are and what we do? Head over to our website and our blog to find out.

    What we’re in the market for

    We are looking for an experienced, multi-skilled analyst with exceptionally strong quantitative reasoning abilities and a highly refined sense of business strategy and marketing science.  The role will involve significant client-facing and technical components and requires advanced fluency in R, deep knowledge of statistical modeling, and a professional disposition to collaborate effectively with a non-technical audience.
    We anticipate this role will require an advanced degree in statistics, data science, and/or marketing analytics along with a solid record of experience in the professional world, but we’re more interested in what you can do than what credentials you may have.
    As a remote company, we need someone who is comfortable with limited direct oversight and relying upon a mix of collaborative tools. We’ve setup a high-functioning collaborative infrastructure that allows us to be productive and work together from across the world, but we recognize this is not for everyone.

    Why we think we’re special

    Gradient is a truly unique company, and we intend to keep it that way. We value both independence and collaboration — meaning you can do what you need to do to solve a problem, but you have all the tools and expertise at your disposal to get it done. You’ll be part of our growth and will help craft our legacy.
    You’ll learn something new every single day by solving problems that rarely have a clear solution. And if you don’t know something, we’ll give you the resources you need to figure it out. We love books, classes, and workshops.We’ll take good care of you with a competitive salary, healthcare coverage, unlimited time off, and a flexible schedule that allows you to be a real person too.
    If you think you’ve got what it takes to enter the Gradient fold, we’d love to hear from you by filling out this survey. 

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