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    Help Scout

    Headquarters: Boston, MA


    Your Impact

    Help Scout, we build tools that enable more than 8,000 businesses in 140
    countries to communicate with customers in the most human, helpful way.
    Our success to date has been the result of three things: crafting an
    excellent product, building a brand that aligns with the values of
    customer-centric companies, and advocating for customer service
    As our first Account Manager,
    you’ll play a critical role in establishing new relationships and
    continuing existing dialog with our larger customers to ensure we’re
    delivering on our mission to help them provide excellent customer
    service. You’ll also have the opportunity to craft how we approach 1:1
    Account Management in an authentic, proactive and customer-centric way.

    About the role

    • You’ll
      work to build 1:1 relationships with our larger customers, most of whom
      we do not have ongoing established relationships with. Your job is to
      be a trusted advisor, working alongside them to ensure they’re
      successfully achieving their goals with Help Scout.
    • You’ll
      become a product expert by training with our support and sales team on a
      regular basis, so that you can guide customers through advanced
      implementations and use cases of the product in their organization.
    • You’ll
      proactively identify, grow and forecast upgrade/expansion/retention of
      your customer base to the finance team so that we can forecast
    • You’ll be responsible for establishing a meeting
      cadence with these accounts where you’ll document key contact roles, use
      cases, payment preferences, strategic goals, expected outcomes and
      overall health of the account.
    • You’ll proactively monitor,
      manage and negotiate annual renewals to ensure customers continue to get
      the most out of their annual plan.
    • You’ll work with customers
      to optimize their existing setup, understand current challenges, assist
      with facilitating change, and drive new feature adoption.
    • When
      recommending an upgrade, you’ll educate the customer on benefits, and
      guide them all the way through successful implementation, making sure
      they’re setup for success.
    • You’ll be responsible for reporting
      on learnings and valuable feedback to the rest of the team so that we
      can improve the product, prioritize the right features, and improve our
      1:many customer success efforts.
    • You’ll play a key role in
      influencing or in some cases creating 1:many trainings and calls
      designed to help your smaller customers succeed, without always
      requiring a 1:1 call.

    About you

    • You’ve worked as a customer success or account manager in a SaaS environment before.
    • You
      love helping people win! It genuinely energizes you to work with
      customers to improve their business, even if it means our product isn’t
      the right answer.
    • You are comfortable switching gears between
      in-the-weeds product questions to pricing negotiations and feel
      comfortable happy wearing several hats when it comes to sales, support,
      and account manager. You’ll be the point person on any one of them,
      mobilizing your team mates for support.
    • You have a history of
      digging into challenges and opportunities first-hand to understand
      what’s going on, and then get jazzed about documenting what you’ve
      learned so(elements of it) can be automated and scaled.
    • You can
      easily lose track of time geeking out reviewing data, working in
      Marketing Automation(HubSpot) and Sales Automation(Salesforce) tools.
      Mastering this stuff can be challenging, but you love it.
    • You have experience building relationships and tracking key activities in Salesforce.
    • You
      are an excellent communicator who can write and speak with empathy.
      Clear, simple and friendly communication is super important when
      representing our brand and working in a remote culture like ours.

    Who you’ll work with

    • Tim Thyne, Head of Sales
      — You’ll be reporting to Tim, and will work closely with him on the
      strategy of this program. He’s worked with a lot of our larger customers
      in the past and will have a wealth of context to share as you get up
      and running. 
    • Abigail Phillips, Head of Customers Team
      Abigail has lead our company successfully scale our amazing support
      team; Abigail and her team continue to provide human, helpful responses
      while being Help Scout product experts.
    • Eli Overbey, Head of Growth
      — Eli has played a key role in building the systems and processes that
      helps our sales, marketing and support teams stay aligned and prioritize
      outreach. You’ll work closely with him to identify behavioral triggers
      that signal upgrade, expansion or churn opportunities that you can then
      take proactive action against.

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