WEARTH: Partner Relations Rockstar



    Headquarters: Peace River, Alberta

    URL: https://www.wearth.farm/

    Squirrels. Dragons. Pyjamas. 

    If that doesn’t peak your interest enough to read the full job description I’m not sure what will.


    Maybe this? Your Birthday is always a “stat” holiday at WEARTH; because who wants to work on your Birthday? If your Birthday is December 25th (or another “regular” holiday for that matter), we are very un-Grinch like, and will therefore ensure another day off in lieu is included in your Christmas stocking.

    Our corporate customers are more than just your everyday client. They’re our partners in sustainability; an integral part of our farm family.
    Likewise, our interactions with those partners need to be more than just your run-of-the-mill customer service. We need to be building relationships that creates shared value; something that is both sustainable and meaningful for both sides to happily continue.
    Without our partners we couldn’t plant more trees, store more carbon, or harvest more organic grains. And without a Partner Relations Manager our co-founders admit they are finding it exceedingly difficult (okay rather impossible) to keep up with the quality of service we strive to provide.
    As our first ever Partner Relations Rockstar (and hopefully one day the manager of a team of future rockstars) you will:
    • collaborate with our 200+ corporate partners (known as clients in other circles) to ensure they are maximizing the value of our services like branded virtual forests;
    • share (and follow through on) issues raised by partners to our graphic design and web development team to ensure our client experience continues to improve;
    • independently seek out (and destroy with the help of our aforementioned designer and developers) errors and inconsistencies on our website;
    • dream up and manage the implementation of improvements to our website (including virtual forests) that will make the user experience of our partners more fun and less frustrating;
    • create, streamline and update partner training materials and techniques to make life easier for our partners (so they can focus on their core business and sharing their sustainable story), while also helping limit the need for simple how-to assistance from you;
    • respond quickly and kindly (both are equally important to us) to partners who do need even the most basic assistance;
    • perfect (and hound our co-founders to use) a client management system (currently we utilize Trello rather intermittently);
    • reach out proactively to our partners to see how they are doing and how we can improve our partnership with them;
    • be on the lookout for marketing and sales opportunities for us to gain new partners (our co-founders will continue to handle the bulk of the sales efforts);
    • work side by side (at least virtually) our co-founders, including honest and frank discussions about ways you think we can improve our procedures, positioning and products;
    • work alone (though connected as a team on Google Hangouts) from home (in your pyjamas if you wish), at your favourite coffee shop or even a tropical beach (only if you invite the co-founders to visit you periodically);
    • need to be ready for a roller coaster (figuratively only, unless you decide to babysit for the co-founders one day) that comes with working for a small company with changing priorities based on the needs of our partners;
    • be self motivated and driven enough to work independently (…we had something clever to add here, but we got distracted by our Twitter notifications and forgot what it was);
    • right content (and proof read them prior to posting), including partner pages, with more than just emoticons;
    • schedule, craft and deliver “Feature Weeks” for our partners via our website and social media channels;
    • interact with our partners (and their customers/stakeholders as appropriate) on social media, including perhaps in the voice of a squirrel to add some extra chattttter;
    • plan and partake in partner events like tree planting days (maybe even alongside our Dragons’ Den investors); and
    • work long hours and bank time off in lieu when urgent client deadlines come (and they will).

    To apply: Send a resume to info@wearth.farm [...]


    To apply for this job please visit weworkremotely.com.