UK Child Care Tax Scheme: Winners And Losers

UK child tax credit scheme
By Kirk Eason The government has unveiled a proposed expansion to the childcare tax credit scheme that would set up an online voucher exchange program worth up to £1,200, per child, to help fund childcare services for working families.  The potential law could have major ramifications for both working parents and those in the childcare industry. The new law will be beneficial to care providers, as...

The Sexiest International Jobs For Multilingual People

International Jobs For Multilingual
If you want to increase your chances of a career abroad, one of the easiest ways is to learn foreign languages like French, Spanish, Mandarin and all other languages that are spoken by major populations. It is a fact that some of the sexiest and better paying jobs are often to be found abroad. Becoming multilingual means that you not only do you get to travel, you get to experience different cultures...

How To Fill Out A W-2 Form

Fill Out A W-2 Form
For many businesses, filling out employee W-2s is a time of reflection, a time to look back at the past calendar year and really see how much extra they’re paying for labor thanks to pesky minimum wage laws. But alas, there’s an upside to all of this paperwork–it isn’t hard. Any business that has basic recordkeeping skills can turn the W-2 process into a quick, easy, and only slightly...