Creating Business Development Strategy

Business Development Strategy
The Business Development Strategy is used to develop and stream in the right direction your overall business idea and is meant to support your initial Business Plan. In addition, business development strategy is essential in setting up an approach for developing new opportunities and creating new leads, either from existing accounts or by targeting new potential accounts and prospects, in order to...

How to Maximizing office employee productivity

Maximizing office employee productivity
Office productivity is the key element in business life. Without productivity, there are no goals, tasks and objectives to achieve. Anyone working for the company must be productive in order to successfully move business as an organization to the new level of business growth and development. If employees are not motivated enough there is a problem as the productivity level won’t be efficient enough...

Business Plan: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

How to Create an Online Marketing Campaign

online marketing
For everyone who is looking to upgrade their business, tricks to actually reach that point are pretty simple; internet is the thing these days and unless you are web-present, it’s pretty much like you don’t exist. But you already knew that, right? Regardless of your company being one of those small entrepreneurships or a large company scouting big clients and hitting it high, your online marketing...

Marketing is everything or everything is marketing

20 years ago the Harvard Business Review published what became one of the most influential pieces of business thinking on the subject of marketing. We examine how much of this is still relevant today and speculate about the trends shaping the future of marketing. ‘Marketing is everything, everything is marketing’ by Regis Mckenna was written at the absolute zenith of post-war mass marketing. In...

How to Measure and Analyze the Growth of Your Sales Activities

Sales growth
The measure of your sales growth is valuable in determining the pace at which your organization’s sales revenue is increasing or decreasing. This is a key metric for your business, and it should be carefully monitored, since it is a crucial chunk of information that is needed when making growth projections, and is instrumental in strategic decision-making. It’s best to monitor this metric...

5 Facts about Telemarketing That Makes It Superior over Other Marketing Approaches

Over the last several years, there has been an ongoing rise in the use of telemarketing as a marketing method among many companies. By definition, telemarketing is a method where a sales agent or officer, solicit customers to buy products available through a phone conversation or video conference as necessary. Though many people see telemarketing as an annoyance, it has proven to be one of the more...

Marketing Your Business Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing
LinkedIn is probably the best online place to brand yourself as an entrepreneur and your business at the same time. Let’s face it, as a small business, you are the brand! It is also a great place to network business—to find customers, partners, vendors, or suppliers, recruit new employees, and to research information. LinkedIn takes a little time to master, but is definitely a great way to get...

Want New Customers: Market Your Brand Effectively for It

brand marketing
Branding is a vital part of any business, but creating an effective brand that grows your customer base isn’t always easy. When it comes to bringing more customers, the biggest thing you can do is brand yourself effectively and then leverage your brand in the best way possible. This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a new small business owner and don’t have much knowledge about branding....

How to Create a Successful Facebook Event For Your Business

facebook event
Facebook Events are powerful because they give your business the opportunity to turn a virtual friend or fan into a real-life, paying customer. Events are also relatively easy to set up: after you get the hang of it, you’ll be creating new events in a matter of minutes. The danger, of course, is that the simplicity makes it easy to throw together an event without much planning or forethought. You...