Plan your estate and retain your wealth (Interview)

Real estate Planning
You’re planning to leave your hard-earned wealth to your children, but they’ll likely only see a piece of the money since the government is looking to cash in on the transfer. We wanted to learn a little bit about what it takes to keep more money in the family and less in the government’s pockets, so we sat down with Joe Garza from Garza & Harris, Ltd. and talked about the right way to plan...

Bankruptcy: A Complete Guide to File for Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Bankruptcy is defined as the process by which one can make payments or get rid of some of their debts under a federal court’s protection. Under the guidance of a judge, you and your creditors will work out an arrangement where the creditor may give you more favorable terms or forgive some of your debt. In return, you may have to give up some of your assets. Needless to say, bankruptcy is bound...