Selling House Quickly and Profitably by Thinking Like a Home Buyer

Selling House Quickly and Profitably
If I were a writer thinking like a reader, I might read the above title and scoff, “Yes, obviously a seller should consider what buyers are looking for when selling a home.” Self-evident as the advice may seem, however, in my long and storied (most of those stories being pretty dull) career in the real estate biz I’ve seen this simple maxim ignored by a surprising cross-section of prospective...

8 Simple, Quick And Inexpensive Improvements That Really Increase The Value Of Your Home

Increase The Value Of Your Home
When you are looking at the overall value of your home, there are many different aspects to take into consideration. You would be surprised at what a small tweaks will make to increase the overall value of your home. One of the most important parts is to make your house look more complete and homey. When you have pictures and family ties within your home it adds appeal to your home. When potential...

Best Renovations to Increase Your Home Value

Increase Your Home Value
Your home is a big investment. Over the years, you build equity in the home, and hopefully, when you sell it, it will have increased significantly in value and you will make a profit. However, when you live in the home for so many years, many of its features can age out and lose their efficiency or fall out of style. As a result, you may not be able to sell your home for its full potential. There are...