Settlement and approaching for getting the payments on injury claim

Settlement and approaching payments
injury claim by accepting payments on scheduled basis than being settled as a whole. That is the claimant will receive settlement for his injury from the other person on monthly or quarterly or early basis depending upon the agreement. These types were first started in Canada for the case of children affected by the side effects of the drug Thalidomide. Thalidomide was a drug used to suppress nausea...

Why it is Important to be Prompt with your claim

personal injury claim
There are time limits imposed on making a personal injury claim, and if you exceed these, your compensation will be lost.  They are: 3 years from the incident for an accident that was not your fault 3 years from your diagnosis if your claim is for an industrial illness 3 years from the date of death for a fatal injury claim 2 years if your claim is for injuries sustained in a violent crime 2 years...