How To Get Over The Denial Stage So You Can Save

You Can Save
For many people who are used to a certain standard of living, having to dial back one’s lifestyle and live within one’s means is a bitter pill to take. How can it not? People are creatures of comfort and habit. We become attached to a certain lifestyle and everything about us, from our attitude to our mindset to how we see ourselves, gets reconfigured to fit that lifestyle. We develop a...

How To Get Through A Tough Economy

Tough Economy
As the economy remains slow and less money is available to us, many have had to tighten the purse strings and be much more careful with money. This means nights out are less frequent and shopping trips for luxury items aren’t as common as they once were as we try to make sure that we have enough left over for the necessities in life. Although having less money to spend is certainly not a positive...

Top Tips To Managing Your Money

Money management
The news has just come in and even more people have just lost their jobs at one of the larger entertainment companies in the UK. While the recession definitely seems to be behind us and things are improving, companies are still dragging themselves back up, dusting themselves off and trying to make money again before being forced to close their doors. What have we learned from the recent recession?...