Procrastination Makes Tax Problems Worse

Tax Problem
Perhaps Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said it better than anyone when he observed that “taxes are the price we pay for civilization”. ¬†Taxes are a means of keeping streets safe, creating legal safeguards, and providing needed public services in every community. Taxes are needed for schools, roads, public transit, parks and hospitals. Ignoring or postponing tax payments today can only make...

5 Useful Tips For How To Survive A Tax Audit

How To Survive A Tax Audit
Nowadays, there is nothing as scary as a convincing IRS that you reported all of your income and were entitled to all deductions, credits and tax exemptions. Tax audit is generally time consuming, stressful and potentially expensive, particularly for small business owners like restaurants where mistakes are very common. They are usually triggered by the difference between the tax money that should...

Common Misconceptions About Taxes In The UK

Taxes In The UK
When it comes to taxes in the UK, there are a lot of things which are commonly believed by the public that are actually not true at all. These common misconceptions have been passed along for many years and can cause a lot of confusion when tax time comes around. This is why it is so important to have a qualified accountant on your side so that you can make the best choices when it comes to your taxes. Here...