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5 Essential Project Management Tips

A large number of projects are often completed over budget, outside the original scope, and past the desired deadline. Whether a project is a complex business transformation within a portfolio, or a small one-off job, it is important for a project manager to be focused on what is to be done to enhance a project’s chances for success. As a project manager, the ability to efficiently manage various projects allows for increased productivity. It is therefore important for every project manager to master the art of project management. Here are 5 tips to help you consistently deliver excellent results.

1) Set and Manage Your Project’s Expectations

Use a detailed and well-written scope of work to set your project’s expectations. All teams should use the document to determine what is to be delivered. Individual team members can be given autonomy over their specific tasks. Before you embark on the project, sit down with the client and go over the scope of the project and the timeline. In a mining project, you may have to explain why the mining contractors need 3 weeks to come up with different drilling concepts. You have all the answers to the client’s questions since you know how long it takes to conduct the same work on other projects or you know the specific hours scoped for the work. Having this discussion at the beginning of a project makes your client aware of the amount of effort required.

2) Communicate Throughout

Good communication is vital to a project’s success. Come up with a plan that works best for everyone. Keep track of the action items, project risks, and next steps with status reports and calls. A weekly status report will help monitor your budget and process and help you to avoid costly mistakes. Choose one of the team members to keep the client informed about the project in a concise and friendly way. Select someone who is adept at giving clear information. Make sure you document everything as every single detail is important to the team. Even simple comments can turn out to be very helpful.

3) Involve the Team at the Right Time

A mining project can be quite tasking and this is why you should check with the mining contractors on the progress. Hold meetings with different members of the team who are dealing with specific project tasks. Sometimes, it is not important to have the whole team present. Know when to involve the team. For instance, if the client wants to talk about different tunnel boring systems for underground tunneling and mining, call the right people for the meeting. If the right people aren’t present, take good notes and follow up.

4) Support the Process

Keep everyone in your team in-sync and support the entire process. Bring true value to the project by supporting the client, the team, and the process. Compliment team members for good work done and keep track of the project. Understand each aspect of the project and anticipate any concerns or questions the client might have.

5) Know and Manage Stakeholders

Know what to expect from the stakeholders based on the first meetings. This will help you to choose a team that is knowledgeable about the stakeholders. Make a friend on the client’s team and form a solid relationship with them. This way, you can get informed on client-side politics and how they influence the process. Monitor potential risks that may make the project to exceed the budget or deadline. Be honest with the client about the whole process and how his stakeholders can influence its success. This way, it will be easier for you to have open conversations about why and when a project might go off course.

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Muzahed I.
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  1. Communication, team management, and team involvement are really vital in project management. These are great tips that is worth pondering upon.

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