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5 Facts about Telemarketing That Makes It Superior over Other Marketing Approaches

Over the last several years, there has been an ongoing rise in the use of telemarketing as a marketing method among many companies. By definition, telemarketing is a method where a sales agent or officer, solicit customers to buy products available through a phone conversation or video conference as necessary. Though many people see telemarketing as an annoyance, it has proven to be one of the more superior marketing strategies in the industry today. Here are several facts about it that proves this point:

Telemarketing Increases Sales Territory

In telemarketing, a company’s sphere of contact and influence among customers widens as far as the telephone or the internet can access – which, in reality, is pretty much everywhere. With this method in place, you can sell your products from the comforts of your office in New York to a businessman in another state or a small-time enterprise as far as China or Africa. Thus, telemarketing makes your territory larger than you could ever imagine. With such a marketing approach, you likewise increase the possibility of spiking your sales up many notches higher as you contact and get in touch with as many customers in your locality and abroad. Moreover, telemarketing as an approach makes the consumer world a lot smaller but encouraging for telemarketing companies to reach new heights and expand as far as their telephone lines can reach. This is good news for both small-time, start-up enterprises and even big, veteran companies.

Telemarketing Provides a More Personal and Interactive Service

Another proof that Telemarketing is an effective marketing method is because it actually allows salespersons to provide interactive and more personal service to its customers. In telemarketing, there is less room for general, non-personalized ads and orientation sheets because salespersons call you on your own phone and attend to your own needs. This makes your service more customer-specific so customers feel that they are special and well taken-care of. Moreover, an individualized phone call makes room for a more interactive sales approach. That means customers can clarify things that they could not understand immediately with their very own sales agent on the phone. With that, you increase consumers’ satisfaction thereby increasing patronage which is great for business.

Telemarketing Provides Avenues for Customer Follow-Ups

In Telemarketing, a company can generate a master list of people they have already called out and even customers whom had business with them so far in the length of their business. With such a database, telemarketing can provide an avenue for customer follow-up. Now, this is quite a big problem when it comes to other forms of marketing approaches as customers are not as accessible in person compared on a phone. With Telemarketing as an approach, you can follow up with customers simply by dialing their numbers. This customer care method is very important especially if you’re building patronage, loyalty and trust among your most valued customers. You can follow up on their orders, payments and other items that need their attention and your attention as well.

Telemarketing Is Cost-Effective and Efficient

One of the biggest advantages of Telemarketing is its cut on overhead cost. The amount of money needed for sales agents to visit houses individually is sky high as compared to the cost of setting up a telemarketing department that would follow up with clients in a phone call. This cost-cutting method is very good, because it would not allow the quality of customer service to wane down just because they cannot meet face to face. Moreover, telemarketing ensures that all your marketers are efficient with their work. There is no competition between the numbers of customers a field sales officer can meet every day compared to the number of customers a telemarketer can get in contact with every day. Both cost and manpower is efficient.

Telemarketing Offers Good Evaluation

Finally, Telemarketing makes evaluation much easier. With increased access to customers, sales agents can check up on their clients on certain times of the year to assess and evaluate their products, ensure customer satisfaction and identify points of improvement. Now, not many companies are given the liberty to do this at a touch of a button. But for telemarketing, this is very possible. There are many things that you can do: customer profile to identify what products to add, popular products to identify the need to innovate and many more. Now, these are the reasons why Telemarketing is a cut above the rest when it comes to marketing approaches.

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Muzahed I.
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