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5 Inventive Influencer Marketing Techniques Can Boost Your Brand in 2018

Brands are recently using a new form of Marketing called influencer Marketing in their marketing strategy. Let’s know more about influencer marketing and how to take advantage of influencer marketing strategy.

During 2017, companies spent more than $1 billion dollars on Influencer Marketing. There will be no wrong to say that the investments will increase in 2018 as well.

Businesses should no longer ignore influencer marketing; it’s not just another social media marketing strategy, currently considered as a best possible marketing way of generating a high return on investments (ROI) through digital marketing. Forbes claims that influencer marketing is the most efficient way of advertising.

The term “influencer marketing” has become the most searched item approaching the internet, after it saw an increase of 90 times from 2013 to 2016.  More brands are implementing this form of publicity to boost their returns. Below the five influencer marketing approaches you should attempt to promote your brand in 2018.

1.  Work back micro, macro, and mega influencers.

Marketing campaigns including influencers can boost the SEO of any business. The key is to select the perfect type of influencers for your marketing campaign. Generally, influencers are classified into three categories: megainfluencers (celebs), macroinfluencers and microinfluencers.

Microinfluencers were in demand throughout 2017, but 2018 will witness the unification of influencers. Brands will use an alliance of the different types of influencers. Each kind of influencer targets real audiences, which helps brands reach their goal.

In 2018, marketing campaigns won’t be limited to brand promotional activities. Instead, they will create an experience and establish an emotional relationship in the middle of the brand and their target audience. There are numbers of expert influence marketing service providers to connect with to run such types of brand marketing campaign.

2. Try video influencer guidance.

It’s been hard to ignore video marketing trend in 2017; currently accounts for nearly three-quarter of internet traffic. According to The Next Web, videos are more effective and impactful compared to text-based content to increase sales. The next most significant marketing trend will be video marketing in the coming years.

Seeing the same kind of posts again and again can board the audiences. The pictures are processed, and everything looks flawless, which is far from the truth. Audiences are looking for something original, and videos make that realistic. Videos are more exciting and have less scope for manipulation. Plus, videos are fun to watch and are more authentic, that is the reason influence marketers often use videos for marketing. Video marketing is flexible, can possible to share on many social media platform including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Not sure what types of videos will suit your business? Videos might create on product launching, tutorials or reviews; these are just some ideas that depends on your business types.

3. Track your ROI and KPIs.

According to Linqia, the biggest challenge is to measure the ROI in influence marketing (78% of marketers reported). To make the task easy, your campaign’s goal and objectives should be aligned with your performance indicator, and your KPIs should be specific and measurable.

According to The Next Web, influencer marketing platforms and software will improve continually. And these tools can help the marketers to simplify the process of calculating ROI and KPI results.

4.  Invest in Instagram stories.

It has been proved in 2017 that Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing campaign platform. More than 800 million users using the app on a monthly basis and Instagram reached the milestone in September 2017. It is easy to assume that the use of Instagram as a marketing platform will increase even more in the coming year.

Currently, according to Mediakix, the worth of influence marketing is $1 billion on Instagram. And predicting to cross $2 billion by 2019. Instagram is a platform that gives win-win opportunities for brands as well as influencers. A relevant and visually attractive post will catch the more potential customer attention, and it will help to increase the number followers.

5.  Build a strong influencer relationship

As influencer marketing grows, therefore, too, does the demand for influencers. More brands are including influencers into their marketing campaigns and strategies. However, the cost and value of the influencer marketing services are also increasing as well besides rising demand.  Previously, sending influencers free products samples or free services trials would sometimes suffice as compensation. However, businesses will have to give more effort in the coming year.

It is not all about money for the influencers. In 2018, many of them are going to be more careful and selective about the brands to work with, preferring to work only with those brands that want to create a long-term partnership with the influencer.

Final thoughts

Did you try the influencer marketing in 2017? If you have not tried yet, then attempt to try any creative influencer marketing approaches mentioned above. Following the methods can help your company and brand to reach the more potential customer and increase your revenue in 2018.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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