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5 Tips On Acing Your Interviewing Skills

It may seem a fun task to interview people and then hire them. But in reality, it is a lot more than it may seem to be. Hiring people is one of those tasks that require a lot of planning and management. To hire people means to look at every aspect of the person and the compatibility between the interviewee and the interviewer. Ask the hiring managers, and they will tell you what a task it is. Now let us look at some of the best tips you can use to make your work of hiring employees easy enough for you.

Formulate a plan

Without planning to conduct this process of hiring would be lot more difficult. This will not just increase your burden but also make your work more chaotic. To formulate a plan before you get down working on anything. Start with the blueprint for the process. Keep in mind all the things that have to be taken care of.

Number of interviews that are to be conducted; Placing candidates in a row for the interview; How many interviewers are supposed to be there for the process; What would be the time frame; the place for conducting interviews and much more.

So if you have planned for all of it before, your work becomes much easier in the subsequent steps, and so does the process efficiency.

What questions!

As your blueprinting is done, next thing is to look for what questions you are supposed to ask the person. Although each one prefers something or the other in order to evaluate the interviewee, it should not digress from what you seek in the candidate.

Interviews can start with very basic introductory questions and can lead to a further flow of conversation. However, many prefer to stick to specific questions and ask technical and skill-related questions can are specific for the job. So although there is no defined format, some pointers that can be kept in mind and can help in easy flow of interview are as follows:

  • Start the conversation with open-ended questions or introductions; something that eases the candidate. Once the candidate opens up and speak ask him questions as per his answers. This will lead to a flow in the interview process.
  • Ask questions about the person skills to judge his ability to work. This skill may not be relevant to the job but can still help you judge a person’s dedication for his work.
  • Also, ask him situation based questions to judge the person understands and his/her response to a situation.
  • In the end, if the profile demands ask for specific technical questions that may help you in judging the person.

The Interview Judgment

Differentiating the candidates is one of the major tasks. This needs to be done with proper measures and efforts. Some pointers that can help you in the same are as follows:

  • Make sure you don’t just ask but also listen to the candidate properly. This will help you understand a lot more things about him/ her that you may usually miss out. So listen to the person carefully and ask questions on what he/ she have stated. Trust me, this will get you answers to many questions and can help you judge the person easily.
  • Instead of asking some very common questions that the candidate has already prepared and memorized, ask him something that he was not expecting. This will again help you in judging the person. Candidates usually give some learnt answers when asked about hobbies, strengths, weakness, So make sure you keep a note of all of those and look for the originality in the candidate.


Before you interview someone for a post, make sure you look at how authentic all the documents and certificates shown by the person are. In case of recruiting for a higher post, it becomes much more important. The person should satisfy all the criteria as mentioned in the job post. Anything missing or fake should be taken care of and dealt in an appropriate manner. Faking things should straight away lead to the rejection of the candidate.

The final offering

Once you are done with all the questions and answers, the next and the last stage is your final offering to the candidate. Make sure you do not over or under promise things to him/ her. Does a background check and see what the offerings were in the last job. The offer for the job should be relevant as per the position and the candidate’s profile. Anything more or less could be a big issue and may lead to the rejection of the offer. So do your study well before making the final offer.

These steps may seem easy but require a lot of effort in practice. So start with a blueprint and keep going until you find the most suitable candidate!

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
I am Muzahedul Islam. Executive Editor of Reach me out for writing opportunities on this website.
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