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5 Ways to Make Money While Still in College

College doesn’t come cheap these days, especially in the developed countries where people end up in serious debt in order to finish college. Many people decide to work their way through college, but often times, this is simply not possible due to the huge demands that finishing certain studies can entail. In such cases, students who take out loans end up with a ton of debt afterwards and they spend the next decade or so repaying those debts.

The good news is that the new technologies (with internet being the leader here) allow students to make money on the side while they are still in college, without taking on actual jobs that would deter them from their studies.

Today, we will be covering the five best ways in which college students can make a quick buck while still primarily being students.


Tutoring has traditionally been a way in which students made money while in college. Simply put, college students have a certain knowledge to impart and there are always people (usually elementary and high school students) who could use that kind of knowledge.

Nowadays, tutoring has exploded thanks to the internet and the ability to give classes to someone who is hundreds or thousands of miles away. Students do not have to leave their campus in order to give classes and they are not limited by the number of people who need tutoring in the nearby area.

Another important factor is that there are now companies and websites that make a living by putting together tutors and their prospective students. This way, people who need tutoring can always find someone with the knowledge they need and tutors can rest assured there will always be someone out there who needs their expertise.


Some very respectable business outlets say that we are seeing the first days of the freelancer world where fewer and fewer people have a steady employer and where professionals take on jobs and contracts instead of careers.

While this can still be debated, the fact is that there is now more opportunity for students to freelance than ever before, working only when they feel like it and taking on jobs that they know they can handle without jeopardizing their studies.

From writing to web design and everywhere in between, students can now freelance and make money from the comfort of their dorm room. Some people have managed to turn freelancing into a career, but this is best left for after graduation.

Paid Surveys

If you are looking for a truly easy way to make some money, paid surveys are a great place to start. You find a reputable paid surveys company and you apply with them. Then, when they need the input from someone who fits your demographic, they send you the survey to fill out and you, well, fill it out. In exchange, you get paid for your time.

The important thing here is to remember that this will not get you rich any time soon, but you can make a quick buck here and there, depending on how much time you have. That being said, they are not time-consuming and you can fill them out when you have the time.

Moreover, the majority of the best such websites have prize drawings where any one of their survey partners can get a (usually) large prize.


The trading we are talking about here involves the stock market and the various financial markets such as the penny stocks, Forex or even binary options trading.

There used to be a time when you had to have a broker at your beck and call or when you had to be present in person in order to make a trade of some kind. Nowadays, all of this is done online and there is really no shortage of options here.

It should be noted that you will need an initial investment and that this can be a risky way to make money. That being said, it is also the most lucrative option of the ones we talked about today. If you are thinking about doing some online trading, please do your homework and do not rush into anything.


While there is software that can transcribe spoken word into written text, there are still many companies that use actual people to do this. In fact, transcribing has become one of the growing online industries and there is always need for new people who will be ready to transcribe for money.

There are a number of industries that require a lot of transcription being done, with the legal and the medical industries leading the way. In any case, it is not exactly demanding work and on websites like SpeakWrite and FastChart there is always work for budding young transcribers.

Closing Word

The important thing to remember is that there is definitely no shortage of ways in which students can make money online these days. This can help them repay their student loans and lead a better lifestyle while studying.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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