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5 Ways To Get A Good Price For Your Home

When selling your home you are obviously going to want to get the best deal possible and one which will allow you to purchase your next property or make as much as you possibly can. In a fluctuating industry it is hard to know what is a good price and what isn’t but as long as the figure suits you then you are going to happy with the outcome.

There are many tips and tricks that you can implement which will help you get the price you deserve for your home but at the end of the day, only you can decide if an offer is worthy or not. So let’s take a look at a few ways you can go about getting your perfect price.

Choose Your Agent Carefully –

If you are choosing to sell your house through an estate agent then you need to be sure that you find one that will represent you and your house in the best way possible. It could be wise to avoid overly nice agents as they may be less likely to argue your case and be stern about the pricing. You should also be wary about agents that seem a bit too easy going as they may not be too bothered how much your house sells for or if indeed it sells at all.

Set Your Sights High –

It makes sense that you would price your home as highly as possible so that you have a bit of haggle room if the buyer decides that they aren’t willing to pay that price. If you do end up being bartered down then at least you’ll still be getting a good price and the buyer will feel like they’ve gained something.

Act Like A Buyer –

One obvious factor towards how much you will get for your home is sure to be how it looks to prospective buyers and the only way to see this is to get into the mind-set of one. Analyse the things about your home that they are likely to find fault in and look at rectifying any problems that you find. Don’t forget about the outside of your home either. This will be the first impression for the buyer and so if it screams ‘overgrown rubbish heap’ then you could have lost them even before you’ve started.

Don’t Forget About the Estate Agent’s Share –

The large majority of estate agents will charge a commission fee which means they are entitled to a percentage of whatever you house ends up selling for. There is no legal figure for this and so it is up to the estate agent and the seller to come to an agreement, but a survey in the UK has found that the average is around 1%. You need to keep this in mind when putting a price on your home though and be wary of it if you end up accepting a lower price as it could take a few thousand pounds off what you receive.

Aim Low –

This may contradict an earlier point but it is still a conceivable way to get a good price; albeit a risky one. By putting your home on the market for a surprisingly low price you may be able to start a bidding war which could end up with you receiving a higher offer than you would have done normally. This only tends to work if you have a property in a highly desirable area or the ratio of sellers to buyers is heavier at the buyers end.

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