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A Twitter List Revolutionising Forex Technology

The landscape of the foreign exchange currency market has changed drastically; when it comes to forex technology, how traders received information has evolved a great deal in a short space of time. One thing remains though – information is invaluable to brokers and smart forex technology that can organise real-time information twenty-four hours a day may seem too good to exist but exist it does. Enter Twitter; a real-time social sharing site that you’ve probably heard of. However many may not realise that the platform is good for more than just sharing what you ate for breakfast, #Bacon.

Twitter’s Role

Twitter is fast becoming a primary news provider and essential piece of forex technology for traders; the only problem you may have using Twitter is knowing who to follow or subscribe to. With the experience I offer, I’ve compiled a list to get you started of the absolute best accounts to follow and tweets to look out for; let’s take full advantage of this forex trading technology.

The List

@FXStreetNews – FXStreet is a site with little necessary introduction; they comprehensively cover the latest break stories in forex which gives you better judgement for your purposes. The site’s authority spills over into their tweets which should be ignored at your own peril.

@World_First – The absolute highlight of this particular account is a solid round-up of the day’s currency movements and agendas; of which Twitter demonstrates forex technology traders of even five years ago couldn’t dream of.

@hantecfx – This top-tier broker not only offers demo accounts to test your trading muscle but with a wealth of educational resources and tweets suitable for all levels of experience, you’re sure to gather some keen insight no matter who you are; forex technology allows all manner of agendas to be covered professionally.

@forexmagnates – Everything you would want to know about the forex current, future and past broadcast by this on-the-ball account. A wealth of information is smartly organised and linked to via their feed and should definitely find a spot on the list.

Forex Technology Trends

These accounts are just a taste of the raw potential Twitter offers traders as an item of forex technology. Our tip to you would be to create an account (if you haven’t got one especially) dedicated to following only the brightest and best in the forex field or, if you’re more comfortable with technology, creating a forex list within your  account of these forex accounts to begin with and then test out some others. Twitter is fast trending as a piece of forex technology and as we all know in this industry, staying ahead of the pack is the best way to move forward.

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Muzahed I.
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