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Deployment of Cloud computing: Advantages & Disadvantages

With the advancement of information technology, putting your business online has long become something that goes without saying. It cannot be denied that internet helps in deciding the lifespan of the business and smooth functioning with greater ROI, while offering a multitude of services that are reliable and secure. One of the latest overwhelming innovations certainly is the service of cloud computing, which comes with an array of attractive features.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing enables businessmen to store and retrieve files or software in a remote way. This is a safe and secure method. This is an excellent feature that attracts the end users of each business and brings customers to your company.

Salient features of cloud computing – virtual servers:

  • Quick scalability:

Due to the scalability feature of cloud computing, all the businesses upgrade it very often. Thus, instant changes can be made making it more effective. Being a business owner, you can opt for extra bandwidth, processing speed, additional user licences and data storage options based on your requirements. This eliminates the need for implementing, costing or procuring a project as this system requires just an order that you can place directly to the vendor of cloud computing.

  • Predictable costs:

When you are opting for cloud computing, you can be assured that your costs are measured in advance and hence  would not go beyond your budget. You can easily calculate how much licenses you would need, the data space and the cost for fixed amount of bandwidth. This way, your employees have a lot of data space available, as well as instant access that helps in smooth functioning of businesses.

  • Array of resources available for business owners:

If you are one among the lucky entrepreneurs who have chosen cloud servers for your business, then you will have access to a number of services. You can have extra data storage space, more amount of bandwidth along with other cloud computing services as your business horizon expands. So, you don’t need to spend extra bucks to expand your business empire.

  • Resource pooling feature:

The multi-tenant model of cloud computing offers both virtual and physical resources, which can be assigned or reassigned depending on the requirements of your customers. You can seek this feature when you are buying this service from a service provider.

Advantages of cloud computing – virtual servers:

There are a number of advantages that cloud computing offers, especially to the business owners. These are:

  • Remote accessibility:

This advantage of such service requires a special mention as it allows you to conduct business in various locations at the same time. You need not restrict your operations to just one location. You can access the services from any location of your choice. You can gain instant access after specifying your ID and password and a few other security queries as this is a mobile service.

  • Eco-friendly service:

The tailor made services of cloud computing allow you to save a lot of paperwork and also help you conserve energy and reduce the energy costs. The reduction in the paper work literally means less cooling time for your computer and other electrical gadgets. Moreover, there will be no or less emissions, which is highly beneficial for your environment. As a result, your business can take a step towards the “go green” concept.

  • Strict level of security:

High degree of security is essential for any business to flourish. Since the data is only shared through a single server, each account is completely safe and only the right person having the authorization can access it. This way there are no instances of loss of data and the resources in hardware and software remain intact. What is more, the sophisticated backup facility makes sure that all information is completely available in times of need, such as during server crash or the system failure.

  • High level of flexibility:

You get to enjoy immense flexibility by opting for cloud computing with virtual servers for your company, especially when you want to expand it. There is no need to purchase specific infrastructure – the service provider will provide all the resources that you require. The most important thing is that it is so swift that you can access the new resources within a matter of few minutes.

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