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How to Create an Online Marketing Campaign

For everyone who is looking to upgrade their business, tricks to actually reach that point are pretty simple; internet is the thing these days and unless you are web-present, it’s pretty much like you don’t exist. But you already knew that, right?

Regardless of your company being one of those small entrepreneurships or a large company scouting big clients and hitting it high, your online marketing campaign has the ability to either make or break the business you’ve spent years building.

To prevent that from happening, we are giving you some of the most amazing tricks and hacks to stir you in the right direction:

Identify and create your target audience

Sure, we understand the urge to get as many people as possible; however, this may not be the best approach in this or any other line of business. Knowing the people you are working with, or better – knowing the people you are creating for is everything. Once you are firm on who your target audience is, you’ll be sure to do the best you can to make them happy and think about their needs beforehand.

Think about your customer; try figuring out what may be the thing they’ll type into a search engine when looking for the type of service that you offer. Once you are on top of that, you’ll get your marketing strategy directly crafted for and linked to the people who are willing to commit to a purchase, sign up or contact you directly.

One exercise that helps to place you in your customer’s shows is to develop a buyer persona.  Think about what age they are, what stage of life they are in, and what goes through their mind on a daily basis.

Envision “places” to reach your customer

Internet seems to be the word of day… or life, better! With the social media as popular as they are, it’s fairly easy to find people that will love your product/service. Still, while everything may seem bubbly – truth is – you need to be clever what social media platforms to opt for, that is – choose the ones that agree with the type of business you are doing. Sharing blogs on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will get things going, and expanding to Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube would be the ultimate goal.

Naturally, not all types of business can operate on these social networks which is why you need to plan out where to “approach” your customer – after you’ve decided who that customer is, obviously (see No 1).

Invest in Web Design

We are all visual creatures and if we don’t like what we see, we simply don’t want it. The key to keeping your business successful is, apart from maintaining a strong presence online – having a well-designed website that will agree with the majority’s tastes and trigger interest.  A well designed website is the foundation for your entire campaign, and it will encourage consumers to take action, no doubt.

Websites should be user-friendly, nothing too complicated or too simple; the design should be appealing enough to make visitors stay, a mobile-responsive design with other optimization techniques. Again, make it interesting – but don’t push it.

SEO is everything

Search engine optimization is the invention you can be sure will help skyrocket your business’ success. SEO is meant to help businesses rank higher in the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo. You are probably familiar with the saying “Where do posts go to die? Second Google page” – well, that’s what happens with a SEO gone wrong! Using SEO properly may condition how well you fare over your niche competitors.

Also, what seems to be working amazingly for most companies is combining SEO and content marketing, as it appears to be getting the best results, as these SEO results from Online Marketing Gurus show. For instance – if you are posting a blog about your latest product, you’ll want to give it a proper SEO touch up so it can branch out to various niches. That way you are getting the attention from many potential customers and are, ultimately, finding buyers/consumers!

Remember Your Email List

Once your blog gets its full speed with its regular updated and exciting content, copy and paste the best parts of it into an email marketing campaign (such as an e-newsletter); further, make sure you include links back to your blog. This email strategy will send traffic back to your website, just as sharing summaries or teasers through social media would.

Also, your readers will have the opportunity to like, comment on your article and, finally, share it –  all of which helps with your website SEO.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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