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Employee Gifts That Won’t Break Your Bank

Work motivation can surely be triggered and maintained in hundreds of different ways. Some of them are material and tangible items, while some others include flexible work hours and different family-related perks. If you lack original ways of showing your employees you appreciate their work efforts and results, lie back, relax and enjoy reading the following ideas.

Flexible hours

Letting your most successful employees organize their work time in accordance with their preferences is one of the best rewards. Still, you need to establish some clear rules when they can use that option. For instance, you can inform them that everyone who’s been with you for a year is eligible to start working flexible hours. Read why Sir Richard Branson gives advantage to this kind of work here.

On the other hand, this liberal approach to work organization can have a limited duration, too. For example, an employee who closes a business deal successfully is allowed to work that way for a week.

Car accessories

You always need something for your car, so using various car accessories as gifts to express gratefulness and respect to people working for you is a smart move. For instance, air fresheners are always a useful thing. In addition, a trunk organizer can help a worker keep their trunk in order, especially if they have children. As for the children, SMB owners can give each of their workers a child safety seat as a gift when they get a baby. Of course, this will work better for smaller businesses. It could be too expensive to give such valuable presents when it comes to companies with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Office equipment

A well-equipped and decorated office always adds to work motivation. When your most successful employees are given new computer equipment or when they’re transferred to larger offices, they will know how to return the “favor”. For instance, the most prominent employees need to be supplied with state-of-the-art monitors and latest computer components, like graphics cards or cutting-edge speakers, to enjoy their work process.

Apart from the computer equipment, refreshing offices with new rugs or plants is a great idea. Finally, don’t neglect the desk and the chair, since the employees’ health depends on those items.


The most logical thing you can do for your most successful employees is giving them more free days. A piece brought by proves that more time off actually contributes to higher productivity. Therefore, let them choose in advance what days they would like to travel, so that they can plan the trips with their partners or families. Nevertheless, giving them extra days off and perhaps a coupon for a family dinner on that journey will do. You shouldn’t pay for the entire travels for one single reason – your company might not always be able to do that, which could trigger dissatisfaction of other workers. So, keep the travel rewarding system within a rational range.

Gift Cads

A great way to make sure your employees will love the gift you got them is to treat them to actual money. Since it would be crass to actually hand someone a big wad of cash, going with a nice gift card is always a smooth move. This will be a prepaid gift card that they will be able to use at a store of their liking and get the thing they need or want the most.

Paying respects daily

Words don’t cost a thing and they can be equally efficient means of showing appreciation to your employees as material presents. When you address your staff members with respect every time you meet them and establish civilized and supportive communication, it will soon become the trademark of the entire enterprise. Also, simple respect-expressing things, like notes with inspiring quotes attached to the office door at the beginning of every new work day, will keep your workers motivated.

Ready-made packages

In addition to polite communication and encouraging messages, prepare special gratification packages containing thank-you notes and flowers, drinks or chocolates, so that you can give them to your employees immediately when they complete their projects. Those on-the-spot presents will have a more powerful effect, which will increase both their loyalty to your business, as well as their satisfaction with their skills and work achievements.

Training and retaining productive, reliable and loyal staff is a strenuous task these days. The labor market is so fluctuating that employees decide to change the company overnight. Because of that, employers need to engage all their ideas and powers to keep their best workers pleased and contented with their positions. Giving them special gifts and treatments is definitely one of the most efficient ways to achieve that goal.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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