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Everything you wanted to know about binary options but were afraid to ask …

Well, maybe not everything, but certainly enough to set you thinking in the right direction on your way to becoming part of the steadily increasing number of binary options traders worldwide.

The promise of incredibly high profits has put the wheel into motion and it’s moving really fast. In its wake binary options brokers have sprouted up like mushrooms after the rain. So the biggest problem a potential trader is likely to encounter is how to choose a broker. The actual execution of a binary options contract is not at all complicated. In fact it is the very simplicity of this kind of trading which accounts in a large part for its success.

Although it is easy to trade binary options and you do not need in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, it is not advisable to go into it haphazardly. Rather take some time to learn the basics. It has taken some time for binary options to gain acceptance on the financial markets, but as more and more stock exchanges acknowledge their viability, there appears to be no doubt that they are here to stay. The novice will be well advised to take advantage of the glut of information available on the web and learn about stocks, commodities, bullish and bearish markets, binary options strategies and the like before actually putting his hand in his pocket.

Now that you are a little more knowledgeable, the next step is to set out to find a reliable binary options broker. It’s time to check out the various brokers platforms. When considering which broker to choose, there are several things to take into consideration. Firstly, the percentage return offered to the trader. This is usually within the region of 70%-90%. Then check the platform for flexibility and for ease of operation. Is it user friendly? How much deposit does the broker require? A reasonable minimum deposit is $200. Regard a broker who does not require any deposit with suspicion. When you set out, you should be prepared with a decent sum of money, around $1000. A qualified, experienced broker is invaluable since his expertise will help you take out contracts. He can also help you choose your preferred asset.

Traders should also consider what bonuses and other extras are on offer. New clients are often offered a first time deposit bonus. Some sites offer free E-books and seminars on binary options trading. It’s worthwhile checking too whether the site offers a demo account. It is highly advisable to brush up your skills this way before embarking on the real thing. Find the right broker who can you maximize your profits and at the same time advising you on hedging strategies to enable you to limit your losses when your predictions do not succeed.

Once you have made your decision, the actual trading process is not at all complicated. No hassle, just choose your asset from the variety offered on the binary options platform and predict in which direction it will move within the specified time. If you predict correctly, you could turn your initial $200 investment into $350 in as little as 30 seconds.

When you’ve got the gist of it, learn new strategies try and gain confidence. Take things calmly and take the opportunity to rake in the money.

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Mike Evans
Mike Evans
With nearly two decades of experience trading stocks and currencies, I am the owner of a profound understanding of economy fundamentals and impact of global events on capital markets.
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