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How to ‘Go Green’ and save money at home in 10 simple steps

There are a number of easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly, which while you save your conscience will save money on household bills to. Take a look at our simple steps to improving energy efficiency in the home, which with a little practise will start you on the road to saving the environment:

Save Water

Opt for showers instead of baths to save your water bill as well as your time! A faucet aerator attached to each faucet will also conserve heat and water, whilst keeping your water pressure high.

Consider your diet

Meat, as well as being expensive, is bad for your health in large quantities. It is also of course bad for the environment when you consider transportation and raising methods. Why not eat meat once or twice a week, and make tasty vegetarian dishes the other days? Buy high quality rather than large quantities of meat; locally raised, organic meat will be so much tastier on the days you do eat it!

Avoid bottled water

Buying a water purifier rather than bottles of water will save you money in the long run, and is much better for the environment, as plastic bottles cause a lot of container waste.

Make your own cleaning products

It’s actually very easy and inexpensive to make you own cleaning products at home. As a bonus, they’re kind to the environment and non-toxic! Find some simple recipes here, using ingredients like vinegar, lemon, baking soda and soap.

Avoid unnecessary car journeys

It can be tempting to jump in the car whenever you need to do a bit of shopping or drop the kids at school, but if the destination is in reasonable walking distance walking it will save fuel consumption as well as your money. When you do take the car, try to combine as many errands in one trip as possible. You could take up bike riding for a fun and speedier alternative!

Pay bills online

The amount of paper wasted on paper bills each month can be shocking, and finding places to store them can be pretty irritating! Why not opt for online bills instead, and when you need to refer back to them it’s as simple as checking your emails.

Switch your lightbulbs

Switching to energy efficient light bulbs may be a little costly initially, but over time will save you money on your bills as well as saving the environment.

Line dry where possible

Although this obviously isn’t an option in rainy weather, line drying your clothes saves money on pricey tumble drying and the irritating noise from this as well! If you live alone it is worth considering skipping a tumble dryer altogether, and drying your clothes on drying racks indoors when the weather’s bad outside.

Unplug and switch off!

It’s an obvious one, but switching off the lights when you leave a room and unplugging any electrical items that aren’t currently in use save energy and money in the long run.

Cut down your paper use

As well as paper bills, there are many ways you may be using paper in your home unnecessarily. Consider cloth napkins instead of paper ones, and dish cloths to clean up spillages instead of paper towels. Over the course of a year think about how much paper you will save.

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