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Health and Safety of your Employees – Crucial for a Successful Business

When people are giving business advice, in the vast majority of cases, they concentrate on ways in which a certain business can be made more profitable and successful. Perhaps they will say a thing or two about promoting the business or making it more efficient, but very little advice has to do with one very important aspect of running any business – the health and safety of the employees.

In reality, health and safety of the staff is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind as a business owner, for a number of reasons. First of all, if the employees are safe and healthy, they are happier and more productive and they get more job done. Also, we must not forget about the laws and regulations that you must never break or you might end up with a closed business. Finally, it is also about being a decent person, even though you might be the toughest boss or manager in the world.

Keeping the employees safe

The measures that you will have to take in order to keep your employees safe will depend on the type of business that you run and their workplace in general. For example, if you run a delivery business, a shipping business of some kind, you will always want to ensure that the vehicles have been serviced regularly and that your employees are not risking their necks every time they go out on the road.

In case you run a business where your employees work with heavy machinery, you will need to do a lot more. You will need to make sure they all have proper training for operating the machinery. Also, they will need to wear protective gear at all times that will reduce chances of any injuries.  In addition to this, if you introduce new jobs for your employees, you will want to first train them in operating the new equipment. For example, if you hire a forklift for your warehouse, you will need to train the person(s) who will be operating it.

Furthermore, any workplace will need to have safety features that will guarantee the safety of your employees. For instance, you will need to have railings everywhere where there is a chance of falling. You will also need to ensure that your workplace is in adherence to the fire marshal’s code, that you have enough fire extinguishers and that you have the properly maintained fire exits.

Keeping the employees healthy

When we are talking about what you can do to make sure your employees are healthy, you need to understand that there is only that much that you can do as an employer. Still, considering how much time the modern worker spends in their workplace, it becomes obvious that you can play a big role regardless.

For one, it is essential that you keep your building up to code, meaning that there were no harmful materials used in the construction and/or renovation. You should also ensure that no harmful substances are released into the air and that there is no electromagnetic pollution either. In some jobs, the exposure to potentially harmful substances cannot be avoided, but you can always make sure that people get to spend sufficient time out of reach of these substances.

If you run a business where the employees work in an office, there are quite a few things that you can do to help them stay healthy. For one, you should always supply the office with ergonomic furniture that will be easy on their bodies. You should also ensure that they have enough breaks away from the computer and their desk, to stretch and relax. If you happen to have vending machines in your office, you should ensure that there are always healthy options available.

In case you run a business where your employees are driving a lot, you should provide them with realistic delivery times that will enable them to take regular breaks from sitting and driving because there is nothing more harmful for the health than driving for hours on end every day.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that the basic health and safety considerations that we have mentioned in the article are just the basic ones and that there is always more that you can do for the people in your employ. If you know good business, you will always take care about how safe and healthy your employees are.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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