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How to manage your debts wisely

If your monthly payments are very high, and you are not able to cover them fully, you can take advantage of the procedure known as debt consolidation in order to reduce them and make your life easier. For many people in Vancouver, this term is still relatively new. Its essence is not yet understood by the ordinary borrower.

However, the consolidation principle is quite simple. You obtain a new loan with a lower interest rate in comparison to your existing debts. Then you use this money to pay off all existing loans. In this case, you need to make just one monthly payment instead of several. What is more, as far as you take a new loan with more beneficial interest rate, your new payment will be lower than the sum of all payments you made each month before consolidation. This means you can pay off your debt much faster.

Many people still confuse consolidation with refinancing procedure. Of course, these two procedures have some common features, but Vancouver specialists in the sphere of finance emphasize that the essence of these two processes is different. In particular, refinancing is a change in the terms and conditions of a single loan contract. This means the person takes a new loan on better terms, in order to pay off the previous debt. Thus, the borrower saves a lot of money on the overpayment.

One of the tasks of consolidation procedure is also to save the money of the borrower, but the regulating of the debt is still in the first place. The focus must be made on the word debt. In particular, a person may have several loans in different financial institutions. Such a situation may seem desperate to borrower, who doesn’t know how much money he need to pay and when. Different amounts of payments, different schedule, the terms of transfers – all this makes it impossible to pay off debts in a timely manner. In case you delay the payment only once it will be enough for you to earn a fee from the creditor financial institution. Consolidation process allows you to organize all existing debts and reduce payments to the same indicator. It is very convenient, isn’t it?

How to establish an order? Vancouver experts say that in order to solve the problem with loan debts it is enough to find a qualified broker, who has experience in this field. At the same time, not all representatives of the above professions are able to help in the process of loans consolidation. First it is better to try to solve the problem on your own, without the involvement of expensive specialists.

Start with the reading of all existing credit agreements. You need to make sure that they are really very expensive and unprofitable. Now, it makes no sense to blame yourself for improvidence, it is necessary to analyze the situation and try to find the best way out of it. Before to start working on debt consolidation, Vancouver finance specialists advise you to decide on two things: how much debts you have on each of loans, as well as what is the sum of overpayment. If you have a bank account statement, it is a great plus.

Consolidation is the great opportunity to regulate and control existing debt and find the optimal solution to the situation.

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Darya Tokareva
Darya Tokareva
Darya Tokareva has master's degree in Business & Management and is now working on her PHD. Having worked in the University Management Department for the last three years, Darya has carried out a lot of researches connected with the most relevant issues of national economic development and social standards improvement. She is highly interested in all technical innovations and spends her spare time studying and analyzing the latest trends of the industry.
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