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How to Market Local Businesses & Become Top Store Locally?

If you want your business to be set a part from other businesses you have to think about details. Customers like to be appreciated. They also want to have an enjoyable shopping experience. Follow these seven ideas to market your local business and become successful locally.

1) One way to make guests feel welcomed at your establishment is by giving away free goodies and discounts on special days like their birthdays, membership anniversaries, graduations, etc. Free products help recognize guests and they are also a great way to promote your business’ products and services.

2) Another way to make your business gain popularity is by being the only store on the block that has a public restroom. Stores that offer bathrooms on a street that has no bathrooms available becomes the neighborhood’s most sought out business. Even shoppers who originally had no plans to shop at your business but all of a sudden have to make a bathroom dash now have to purchase an item in your store in order to use your restroom.

3) Make your customers comfortable while shopping. If it is summer make sure your store has air conditioning. Most customers will leave a store or a restaurant if it is hot inside and makes them or their children feel irritated.

4) Not only should your company have a public restroom it should also have basic sanitary items available to guests. Who really wants to use a restroom and not be able to wash their hands? Sadly I have seen many small businesses functioning as if they are part of a third world country. They do not have hand soap, paper towels, or even a hand dryer available to paying customers. Keep your business environment always clean. Go above and beyond what competitors have available in their restrooms and have hand lotion and perfume open for guests to use. Customers should never leave your business feeling dirty that would be a horrible reflection of your company. After all customers shop for convenience not to be distracted with more obstacles like what should I do now that my hands are germ infested? Keep restrooms clean and stocked with sanitation items. Make sure that if you serve food at your business that tables, floors, and entire dinning areas are clean. Customers dine out to avoid cleaning up messes they should not spend their hard earned money sitting in an area that looks like a pig’s stable.

5) Make your business a fun atmosphere with upbeat music. This adds to your store’s energy. No one likes to go to a business and be tempted to fall asleep while standing in line due to listening to elevator music playing. Find a radio station that has an upbeat tempo. Or use an iPod to share your favorite tunes with guests. Good music will also make your employees excited to be working at a company that is young and full of life.

6) Don’t be a snob and tell customers that they are not allowed to have fun by taking pictures in your store. Guests sometimes are amazed by business’s scenery, brand name, or products and they want to share the excitement of how awesome a company is with their online family members, friends, and followers. Let them take selfies and photos to share with all of their people. Guest’s loved ones and supporters that view these images are your company’s potential new customers. Don’t sleep on this opportunity. I have walked out of stores and never returned if a store employee told me or my group that we can not take pictures in store. Smart companies and the real creative stores will have cool props with brand names or logos on them that guests can use in their pictures.

7) Make a lasting impression with customers long after they leave your business by giving away free product samples, demonstrations, or recipe ideas. Shoppers and foodies absolutely love free samples. By treating guests to small sizes of an item that either tastes good or makes them feel good they will on the spot purchase an item. Not only will they buy immediately they will tell their friends that your store is the place to go to for free samples. Your store will then be viewed as an oasis in a desert. People from miles away will go searching for this amazing place.

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