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How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

Is it time to sell your home? If it is, you need to make sure it is in the best condition it can be. People are not going to invest their money in your property if you are not going to invest a little time to make sure it looks great before people inspect it. Preparing your home doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive, we have four top tips for you which are inexpensive and very easy to complete.

First Impressions

What is the first thing people are going to see when visiting your home? It is your front yard. If your front yard looks like a mess, are they going to want to look inside your home? Probably not, that is why it is important to neaten up your front yard. Ensure the lawn has been freshly mowed, hedges are clean trimmed and gardens are clean. If your front yard is looking pretty dull, you can find bright flowers to add to your garden very cheap from hardware and garden stores. This will add a pop of colour and visually excite potential buyers. It is important to pressure clean the driveway and foot path and to review the front door. Is your front door looking a bit outdated? It could be worth it if you give it a fresh coat of paint.

Declutter & Depersonalise

To allow the potential buyers to get a good feeling of what the home will feel like if it was their own, it is important to totally depersonalise your home. This means remove all family photos and certificates. Anything related to religion beliefs or sports merchandise should also removed as there could end up being a conflict of interest and end up losing the sale due to a small issue.

Moving time is the best time to declutter as you are going through all of your items. When people are inspecting your home, be sure all of your closets are as organised as possible. If you have large wardrobes full of clothes, remove some of your clothes to show how much space there really is. Don’t forget about the garage when decluttering, make sure all of items in storage are visually appealing.

Update & Clean

This does not mean go and renovate your whole home and add a pool. You can easily make small updates to your home which are inexpensive and can still make a big difference. Have you got a few dents and dings in your wall you could fix? Filling these dents can make a big difference visually. If you went a bit crazy with painting walls bright colours, to interest a few more buyers paint the walls back to neutral colours. This then allows potential buyers to see the room the colour they would prefer.

To clean your home prior to inspections is very important. Every room in the house including bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, hallways and even the garage needs to be spotless.

As much as you love your pet you have to understand that not everyone may be a fan of animals so it is important to make sure there are no traces of pets in your home. That means to remove all of their food balls, pet toys that could be lying around and kitty litter boxes. Unfortunately not everyone loves pet and could choose to not purchase the home due to it. While cleaning your home make sure you vacuum all of the pet hair.

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