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How To Snag The Best Car Insurance Rate

Every driver knows that car insurance is expensive, and the premium can continue to grow ever more expensive if you don’t keep up with what the competition is up to so that you’re ready to switch providers if you find a better deal. But there are many factors that go into your car insurance rate, and so knowing how to negotiate the best rate possible from a variety of providers can ensure that you’ll be getting the most coverage at the cheapest available premium.

Below are just a few ways that you can ensure that you’ll be getting a great deal on your car insurance the next time you’re shopping around for a policy that works for you.

Ask for Discounts

Be sure to ask for available discounts whenever you are speaking with a car insurance provider or asking for a quote because the more discounts that you qualify for, the more savings you’ll reap on your yearly premium.

Available discounts may include:

  • Safe Driver Discounts are available to those drivers who have a clean driving record and who haven’t been involved in any kind of accident within a certain period of time, specified by the car insurance company. If you fall into this category, be sure to take advantage of the discount that can be provided to you as a result of your responsible driving habits. Then maintain your safe driving record to continue reaping the benefits of this discount.
  • One Driver Discounts are available to you if you are the only driver on a policy yet you own multiple vehicles. The vehicle that you add to your existing policy will receive a discounted rate, making it easier to afford both policies.
  • No Claim Discounts apply to safe drivers who haven’t filed a claim with the car insurance provider. These drivers will be eligible for savings because they have not had to file a claim in the history of their relationship with their car insurance provider, proving that they’re safe and responsible whenever they get behind the wheel. Some insurance providers will even allow a policyholder to add other drivers, also known as Named Drivers. And if these other drivers also have never submitted a claim, they will receive discounts. In the event you do file a claim, though, your discount will either be reduced or eliminated.
  • Multi-Car Discounts are available to those who want to cover more than one vehicle under the same car insurance plan. The more cars you cover, the higher the potential that you’ll be eligible for a deeper discount, but each car insurance provider is different, so definitely ask plenty of questions while shopping around for coverage that will take care of all of your cars.
  • Good Student Discounts are available to drivers who are in school and who have achieved a certain grade point average. This may entice your teenager or college-age son or daughter to do better in school, especially if they’re required to pay for their own car insurance.

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