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Is 2013 The Best Time To Invest In Real Estate?

Experts say real estate investing in 2013 is going up to normal levels. However, if you read newspapers or watch television news shows you may get the wrong impression. Some states have been hit especially hard by foreclosures, especially Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, New York, California and Florida. In fact, throughout 2010 and 2011 one in every 17 homes received a foreclosure notice in Arizona and 2012 was just as bad.

All the bad real estate news in the media gives the average consumer the impression that now may not be a good time to invest in property. However, FHA loans are getting approved by the thousands and a lot of first-time home buyers are purchasing a home instead of renting. There are many no money down real estate programs available as well as 100% financing for first time home buyers.

Consumers that have bad credit or don’t want to borrow from a traditional lender are using a hard money lender to get cash to invest in property. is one of the best lenders in the country. The company provides funding in as little as five business days and they offer more than 600 real estate investment loan programs that are equity based so everyone can qualify for a loan. Almost everyone that applies for a real estate investment loan through the company gets approved.

You could also us an equity-based hard money lender. These lenders approve loans based on the merits of the property, not the credit history of borrower. Real estate investors can begin creating a positive cash flow simply by using equity bases lenders like

In South Florida most homes are priced at less than $100K which is perfect for real estate investors. Potential landlords are scooping up properties for as little as $60K to $90K because the cash flow opportunities are tremendous and many of them are simply flipping properties and earning tens of thousands of dollars without investing any of their own money.

A good hard money lender can be an invaluable ally for real estate investors who are serious about earning a substantial income in 2013. These companies provide hard money loans for new construction projects, commercial properties and refinances on properties owned free and clear.

Low priced homes are selling extremely quickly simply because they have the most buyers. Potential buyers for these low priced properties include real estate investors who want to fix and flip the property, retirees and potential landlords who want to rent the property.

Finally, 2013 is the perfect time for real estate investors to begin buying property to fix and flip for a fast profit. It’s also a great time for first time home buyers and those that want to purchase property to rent to a family in need for long-term positive cash flow. There are a lot of opportunities to invest in real estate in 2013.

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