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Is Payroll Software easy to work with?

When you choose a leading UK payroll software provider, they will ensure that their system is as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. It is always in their best interests to make a simple and intuitive system, as this increases custom and keeps customer retention high. Accurate reporting is the most important factor, but for non-experts, simplicity is often just as important.

What you should know

Anybody who has learned how to use any computer software to an intermediate level should be perfectly able to manage payroll software. However, given the importance of conducting accurate and thorough payroll, it is crucial that you understand your company’s and your employee’s National Insurance and tax obligations, and the company’s obligations to its employees, as well as the many other intricacies of payroll. This will include the filing of tax documents, and managing tax when employees come and go and at the end of the tax year. Good UK payroll software solutions will help you understand these as you use them, though you can visit to learn more about areas a payroll should cover if you are unsure.

Using the system

As stated, it should be easy and intuitive to use a good payroll system for all payroll functions – for each function you will be guided linearly through the process to make sure you leave nothing out. Furthermore, you will be reminded of important events so you do not fail to perform the tasks you need to when changes occur (changes within your company or changes made by HMRC), and for very big changes, the best software providers will keep you fully updated and help you prepare. For example, the new Real Time Information System (RTI) means that from April ’13 employees will need to send PAYE information to HMRC in real time.

Help with using the system is provided with documentation, and better yet, software tutorials. Tutorials explain how to use the system step-by-step for any given payroll function so you can truly perform each task as accurately and correctly as possible, for example, adding a new employee and completing relevant P45 and P46 information, or calculating Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Parenting Pay. Such tutorials are extremely useful for novice and tentative users, and for such users it is important to make the most out of these tutorials.

Payroll support

No matter how easy your payroll software is to work with, there are always times when you might get into difficulty. With system support as part of a payroll software service, any difficulties you face can be addressed quickly. Check to see whether the software comes with around the clock support, and check how much support costs.

Which software to choose?

You can buy RTI payroll software for suites for businesses large and small, designed for use by employees, business managers and payroll processors. Software can be free for businesses that are small enough, and there is extensive tutorial support and free phone and email support.

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