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Determining if IT Consulting is a Financially Sound Investment for Your Business

IT consulting is a technical service that is provided by specialized technology companies. The purpose behind IT consultancy is to offer companies an objective evaluation of their business processes while offering suggestions or plausible solutions to highlighted technology problems or weaknesses.

In this article, we share some of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in IT consulting services.

Some of the advantages of IT consulting include but not limited to:

Provides Clarity & Insights

IT consulting does offer some level of clarity in the work structure of an organization. It does breakdown the work processes to small basic tasks that can then be clearly defined, managed and improved upon. Thus most businesses that employ some level of IT in their day to day operations can greatly benefit from some form of IT consulting.

Improves Internal Productivity

Research has shown that IT consulting roles that have been well undertaken tend to greatly improve the level of productivity in an organization; irrespective of its size. In most instances several roles and tasks will be merged and technology will be deployed to ensure wastage is minimized, and best practices are implemented to ensure improved output. Enhanced productivity will in turn translate into more efficient, effective and better managed work processes.

Identifies & Crystallizes Business Needs and Requirements

As a business grows and spreads its tentacles to other domains or new markets, there usually tends to be some moving away or shifting of initial business vision and mission. This is especially so for those companies that experience huge growth levels. Adoption of various IT systems and other Business processes may cloud the way in which a company does its business. It is important to carry out some IT consulting to find out if the initial business goals are still being met; if not ,then get the reasons why they are not being met and offer recommendations.

Provide High Level Expertise

As earlier stated, IT consulting is quite technical; getting this type of highly qualified personnel permanently on your payroll can be quite expensive, this is especially so for small and medium sized companies. Getting consultants on a temporary basis to offer their years of experience and high level expertise is both wise and highly encouraged.

IT consulting, just like any other business undertaking does have its downsides. Some of them include:


Due to its technical nature and the need for highly qualified personnel IT consulting is usually quite pricey. This is especially so when you consider the kind of recommendations they usually come up with which may involve buying new systems or replacing some modules.

Tedious and Time Consuming

For non IT staff members of a business, the entire consultancy period is usually time consuming and tedious. This is especially more pronounced when there is a lot of IT jargon use during meetings, strategy sessions, or in the reports and recommendations.


The entire process of IT consulting usually tends to be disruptive to IT users; especially if there are some evaluations to be undertaken, or tests to be done on systems and processes. Most employees usually don’t appreciate the need as the current system usually tends to work pretty well for the casual observer.

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