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Why Keeping A Clean and Tidy Office Is So Important

A clean and tidy office is imperative for healthy and happy workers. Employees work better in an environment that is not cluttered with unnecessary rubbish. You will probably be surprised by the amount of junk that you have lying around your office. Taking the time to sort through all of your old rubbish will help improve the look of your workspace and office.

Create a checklist of areas around your office that you can check for rubbish and clean up. Below are 4 areas that you can add to your checklist.

  1. Storage Rooms

    Most offices have at least one storage room where excess equipment or stationary is kept. These rooms are often forgotten as more and more office technology, filing and odds and ends are added in. Take the time to sort through your storage room and remove anything that you know you won’t need anymore. This could include any outdated marketing material, brochures, paperwork, posters or signage etc.

    Businesses are continually evolving so remove anything that you know you won’t use in the next year. This will help keep your storage room tidy and provide plenty of room in case you need it at a later date. Don’t forget, OH&S is very important when moving items around your storage room. Think about trip hazards and if you are moving heavy items, make sure you ask a colleague to help you and lift in a safe way.

  2. IT Equipment

    Computers, monitors, printers and power cords are items that your IT department may have in abundance. IT Departments are notorious for hanging on to old, outdated technology or technology that no longer works. Conduct an audit of technology that you need and what you don’t. This will help make the process much faster and give you a clear look at exactly what you no longer need.

  3. Office Furniture

    Every office has at least one broken computer chair lying around. Review your office furniture and remove anything you no longer need. Broken chairs and desks that are looking worse for wear are no good to the look if your office and your employees. Update any items that you need to replace and remove what you no longer require.

    When checking office furniture don’t forget to check the lunch room or kitchen. This is a space that often gets overlooked during big clean ups. Old and broken office furniture take up a lot of room so taking out what you don’t need will help lift the aesthetics of your office while increasing employee productivity.

  4. Filing Cabinets

    Let’s be honest, no one likes dealing with the filing. While the filing is an important part of office life, it can add up to a lot of wasted space if left for too long. Reassess your filing and take out anything you no longer need. Shred any important or sensitive documents that can not be seen by other employees or people outside of your organisation.

    Be honest with removing documents that you no longer need and remove them to make more space for new, more important filing items. During your clean up, don’t forget to check filing cabinets themselves. If they are looking worse for wear or are no longer functioning the way they should then they need to go.

Consider a Rubbish Removal Service

Once you have done a thorough clean up of your office, it’s time to consider how you will remove your rubbish. Commercial waste removal is a much more affordable and practical option for office buildings. For many, a skip bin is just not an option. Leaving a large bin in a common area often causes trouble with neighbours and can hang around for far too long. Rubbish removal services such as Cheapest Load of Rubbish will remove your commercial rubbish in one go.

No time will be wasted as rubbish is removed efficiently and carefully be a team of experts. Before you know it, your office will be looking in tip-top shape.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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