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Fast & Easy Ways to Obtain Life Insurance Coverage without Medical Exam

Are you keen on getting life insurance quickly without having to go through the hassles of doctor examinations? Is a particular health condition thwarting your efforts in applying for a more traditional policy? If these are a few things often coming to your mind every time you think of buying life insurance excluding medical exam, then here is some real good news for you. You can easily obtain insurance without a physical exam that too quickly without spending enormous amounts of money.

Over the recent years, number of families and individuals applying for insurance without a physical exam has been rising drastically. Most individuals find life insurance policies with medical exam to be a problem and also inconvenient. People traveling often require insurance coverage quickly.

Commonly known as “non-med” policy, a large number of people today are considering applying for insurance without a physical exam. This kind of life insurance can be easily obtained. As the name suggests, one does not require undergoing medical exams or other tests with this particular kind of life insurance policy.

Obtaining No Medical Exam Life Insurance

If you are among those looking to invest in life insurance without taking a physical exam then you can either purchase a Simplified Issue policy or a Guaranteed Issue policy. One of the advantages of purchasing either of these two polices is that you will not have to go through the hassles of undergoing a medical exam, which means that your blood or urine will not be examined.

Well, if you do not want to undergo a physical examination then you will need to respond a few medical questions. If you obtain a pass mark in the asked questions then you will be saved from the hassles of taking any physical exam to obtain an insurance policy. This is the easiest way to obtain

No medical life insurance? Once you have answered the questions, insurance companies will make sure your answers are accurate and insure you accordingly.

Simple Ways to Save Up Costs on No Exam Insurance

The simplest thing to do when you urgently require insurance, particularly when you are in good health is to submit an application for a traditional as well as a Simplified Issue policy. Obtaining the simplified issue policy quickly is simple. Once the traditional policy gets consent from your agent, you can call off the simplified issue policy. It is imperative to keep in mind that you don’t cancel the simplified issue policy accidentally. Every insurance company today keeps a check of when you apply and cancel life insurance. If you indulge in such practices you will unlikely be insured. This is however an amazing tactic to get good coverage in place whilst you linger about for the other insurance companies to get involved in their underwriting.

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