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How Much Does Office Design Affect A Business?

The design of our offices and work spaces is increasingly being cited as important in the quality of our work and general employee morale in our working environment.  Different colours and designs can affect us psychologically and forward thinking companies are keen on embracing this research, which is proving that our office environment is imperative in improving productivity, moral and quality.  The importance of the correct ‘look’ for an office is not just poignant for the office workers, but it is also imperative that the right impression is given to visitors coming into the office.

Relevant Research –

Research from the US shows that there is a direct correlation between environment and productivity, and that those who had a positive feeling towards their workplace had performed significantly better than those who were feeling negatively about their office.  They have announced that it can affect productivity by up to 11%!

Open plan offices oppose traditional ideas that privacy means that workers aren’t distracted by other workers, but actually companies have found that strong colleague relationships and interaction between team members creates better morale and boosts creativity.  They also eliminate hierarchy within the office creating better communication and are usually less expensive to maintain!

An Office-tial Example –

The Californian headquarters of Google is fit out with bike lanes, gourmet cafeterias and a yoga room as well as a piano in the lobby and office space for pets.  One obvious advantage to this is that their employees would be happier due to an interesting work environment, making work easier and a more pleasant experience.  They say that the most important part of any company is the people who work for it, so staff retention should be a major priority for businesses.

Colour can also be used as a tool to improve office environments in terms of morale and productivity.  Green is a popular colour because it is said to calm and relax and relieve tired eyes.  Brown is also used as it gives the feeling of being within nature, and this is naturally relaxing and comfortable.  White gives a more sterile and organised feel, so it is often recommended that white is used when decorating office work spaces.

Re-designing Your Office –

Redeveloping work spaces for a more productive and pleasant environment doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be as simple as scrapping the cubicles and making an office open plan, or at least using glass instead of opaque walls or screens.  Adding a few luxuries such as table football or pool tables and relaxing areas for employees to be able to take a proper break when needed means that they can return afterwards fully refreshed and ready to start again.  And obviously a pleasant workplace will attract new employees and help retain good ones!

There are various companies around the country who can help with designing a new office.  They offer a range of services, ranging from consultancy, help in buying furniture, all the way through to a complete office fit out. So whether you’re based in Gloucester or Gateshead, Brighton or Birmingham; there is plenty of help at hand when it comes to turning your office into a thriving working environment.

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