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Business Strategy: 7 Ways To Create A Passionate Corporate Culture

The long-term success of any company is dependent on not only your business strategy, but also the people you hire. In order to help your company grow, you must create a viable corporate culture in which people will want to work. Establishing such a culture is easier said than done, though here are seven tips for working toward that bright future.

1. Hire A-Level Employees

A-level employees aren’t necessarily the most expensive and experienced people in the industry. Instead, focus on hiring driven and motivated individuals, people who are passionate about what they do. You don’t want to be a stepping stone in an employee’s journey toward their own future. Ask questions during the interview process that will help you identify the person’s passions so you can better understand how well they will fit in at your company.

2. Communicate Effectively

Communication is oftentimes more of a barrier than a resource for companies. But if you intend on keeping your A-level employees, frequent and reliable communication is critical. Sit down with them regularly and ask for feedback. Prompt them about what is and isn’t going well. You need to be made aware of your failures as much as your successes. Communication is the best strategy toward building an environment in which employees feel safe and trusted, that they can speak without fear of reprimand.

3. Cultivate Your Team

Creating the ideal corporate culture is a long and arduous journey. One naysayer can easily destroy this environment, which means you need to catch these individuals before they cause real damage. Identify the whiners and talk with them in private. Sometimes it may simply be an issue that they don’t fit into your company’s culture or they’re just a pathological whiner. The key point of this is if they can’t or won’t change, you need to replace them with positive and uplifting individuals.

4. Work & Play Hard

According to Adrian Ballinger, CEO of the first expert guide service to summit Mt. Everest in 30 days, It’s easy to do what you love, which means your corporate culture needs to facilitate that mindset in its employees. Few industries really operate on a 40-hour work week nowadays. Instead, the best culture you can create is one in which everyone understands they may be required to work long hours, but their efforts will be recognized and rewarded.

5. Stay Ambitious

In some corporate cultures, ambition can be perceived in a negative fashion. But without ambition, employees tend to just stagnate and never really grow. Your corporate culture should be one that can support big steps and powerful ideas. These qualities have the power to transform companies in ways you’ve never thought of.

6. Design the Workspace

In days past, secrecy was prized and employees were sequestered away in individual workspaces. Today’s corporate culture thrives on innovation which requires an open and accessible workspace. Architects now build structures with the intent of promoting as much interaction as possible. Interaction breeds innovation. The culture of a corporation is greatly influenced by a workspace that encourages interaction and positivity.

7. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

You shouldn’t be designing your corporation and culture to be thinking only a month ahead. Consider the long-term milestones you hope to achieve. Your culture needs to look ahead months or even years into the future.

The ideal corporate culture is achievable by any entrepreneur or manager. You just have to be willing to put in the work and attention it needs. Getting your work done each day may seem more important, but increasing productivity can have the greater effect on a company as a whole.

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