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Personal Injuries: The Most Likely To Lead To a Claim

Suffering a personal injury can be a daunting and often grueling process; therefore you want to do everything in your power to make the claiming process as smooth as possible. You may think it’s an unnecessary hassle but if your personal injury is the by-product of someone/something else’s negligence then you should proceed and fight for what you’re entitled to.

The denomination ‘personal injury’ over-arches various different areas, of which could include: medical negligence, road traffic accidents, falls in the workplace and so on. It’s of grave importance that you determine exactly what your personal injury claim is for as this will provide your chosen solicitor with extensive evidence. Listed below are a few of the most common misfortunes that are likely to lead to a personal injury claim:


Road traffic accidents account for a large margin of personal injury claims. The speed travelled on roads means the risk of collision is significantly high. Recent RTA statistics show that despite a fall in accidents on the road there has still been a sharp rise in claims for compensation. A report from the Actuarial Profession reveals that “despite an 11% fall in the number of road accidents in 2011, personal injury claims rose by 18%. It says this may cost the insurance industry an extra 400 million a year.” Which speaks for itself in that the danger/incompetence on roads is substantial.

Medical Negligence

If you’ve been neglected the treatment, medical assistance you were in need of or have been inappropriately manhandled then you could be liable for a claim. When becoming a victim of malpractice due to the quality of healthcare falling below standards then they are at fault. Reuters have released statistics showing that “Approximately 195,000 people are killed every year by medical errors just in the US. The study notes that about 1.14 million patient-safety incidents occurred among the 37 million hospitalizations in the Medicare population over the years 2000-2002.”

Accidents At Work

Accidents in the workplace have a clear party (your employer) at fault, thus should mean for a fairly straightforward case from a solicitor’s point of view in claim on their (legally required) employer’s liability insurance. Work accidents can cover anything from slips/trips to injury as the result of defective machinery. Depending on the severity of the accident, it may be the case that your injury results in temporary leave from work in which case you deserve to be reimbursed for your absence. However, the claiming process can often involve worries that the employer may seek to terminate the employee’s employment or alternatively will penalise the employee for contemplating making a personal injury claim whatsoever.

Assault Claims

Assault could take place anywhere at any time but if an attack/assault occurred whilst you were in your workplace and you feel that your employer had exposed you to an unnecessary and foreseeable risk of personal injury which could have been warded off then a claim for compensation can be sought. It is both a crime and a tort and therefore could result in criminal liability. There are bespoke litigation services happy to help you through this sensitive and often daunting process and will decipher with you possible payouts.

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