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How to promote your business on a low budget

For every small business owner and initial problem of finding new clients arises. And he faces the necessity to promote the business in the most effective way. But the truth is that small business does not dispose of the big money for promotion. So, every new business owner looks for the really working ways of efficient promotion on a low budget – or even for free. In the digital era it’s quite possible to find the client if your budget for marketing is limited. Here are the most popular ones.

Develop the strategy

This should be the first step of any marketing strategy, especially the low-cost one. Determine your target audience and plan the result you want to get during this promotional campaign. Without a clear goal, all your efforts to advertise will bring any result.

As a small business, you should focus on building the relationships with your potential clients. When you form a loyal client base, then it will be easier to attract the new ones.

Online and offline ways to promote:

  1. E-mail marketing. This way of promotion is pretty common, which says about its efficiency. But don’t let your letter turn into the complete ad. Send the information which will be interesting for readers or contain some special offers, e.g. discounts or free giveaways.
  1. Use the all benefits which social networking sites can offer. Facebook, for instance, can offer you the targeted ads, which are perfect when you know who your product or service is. Promotion via social media can even be free, if you know what to do and are ready to work at it. You simply create your company page and start promoting through it. Network with your potential clients, work at client’s loyalty and ask for feedback.
  1. Start your company blog. And I don’t mean the list of services and prices. Let it be bringing the value to the readers. The clients dislike the situation when they’re forced to buy something. Use the 80/20 rule – the 80% of information should be interesting for reader: recent news, how-to’s, stories, funny videos etc. While only 20% can contain the ads.
  1. Offer coupons. It’s one of the best ways for attracting new customers. Also, it’s a good idea to offer the discount for future purchases or orders.
  1. Free giveaways. If the client has the opportunity to try what he’s going to buy, there’s high probability that he will buy it.
  1. Ask for references. If somebody enjoyed your product, ask them to advise your company to the family and friends. It’s not difficult and doesn’t cost any money at all, but can attract new customers as the people tend to believe their acquaintances rather than traditional ads.
  1. Reviews in blogs. You can offer a free product to someone who is willing to publish a positive review on it in their blogs in exchange.
  1. Everything can be a promotional tool. Every piece of paper that goes out of your company should contain a company’s name and contacts on it. You never know to which hands these papers can come.


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