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Selling a Property – Matters to Consider

These are a few factors worth considering when it comes to sell a property in Dubai or any other place for that matter.

The process of selling a property is far more hectic than buying one, especially when there’s no agent involved. You have to renovate the property, do marketing, negotiate the terms with buyers, preparing documents, finalizing the deal and much more. In order to have a successful start, the first thing to mull over is the time estimated time when you want to move into your new house. When in UAE, you’ll find some of the major rental property Dubai which is a real bargain.

The Initial Planning

While planning to move into a new house, a person is more interested in improving the layout of that particular place, however, you should focus more on modifying the current one. It’s vital that you carry out some necessary repairs and renovation prior to selling a piece of land or even a furnished house. The more well looked your home, chances are that it’ll sell at a higher price.

Starting Up – How to Begin

The renovation and maintenance should start from tasks that can be done quicker and easier. This includes mending broken or loosened door handles, replacing sink taps, repairing loose fence, filling those tiny cracks on the wall and floor, painting a small portion of the house and much more.

The Price by Design

When listing a Dubai property for sale, make sure that the price demand is exactly as per design and outlook. No one would be willing to pay a heavy amount for a single room apartment or home, having a dim and strange design. Therefore, plan out your expected range as per the renovations done, the area, other facilities like 24/7 availability of water, electricity, gas, medical complex, transportation and many others.

Interior & Exterior Appearance

What’s worth a home to sell having peculiar design and such paint that gives it a weary look or how about a lighting system casting a strange illumination? These are some smaller factors that have a big effect when it comes to selling a property. Make sure that the interior problems get resolved before working on outer appearance.

Coming forward to the exterior outlook, it should give a clear, bright color without any chipped paint and having a perfect lighting to display at night. Bathroom and kitchen should be spotless, having no sign of any wear and tear as most buyers usually visit these corners of the house first.

The Hunt for an Agent

After fixing all the major defects, it’s time you should look for an estate agent who’ll find a better party for you rather than going solo. Visit different agents in your area and register with the one offering a better service as compared to others at a nominal price. Ask each agent how much commission should be charged for the service so as to extract the amount from the sell in advance.


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