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Six Things To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Home In The Real Estate Market

Being close to oceans, parks and attractions will boost the value of your home but why is it then that some real estate sells quite quickly and others remain listed for an indefinite amount of time.  There are a number of factors that are involved in making a home desirable for a quick sale.

First Impressions are the Best Impressions- Usually

First impressions are a very important factor in selling your home.  The ambient feel that people get when they walk into a home for sale will determine if they will consider purchasing it.  It is this very first few minutes that will determine if your real estate gets that second look.  When somebody walks into a home for sale, it needs to feel like they are at home.  They need to be able to physically feel themselves being comfortable dwelling there.

The Décor- Where Color Matters

Decor and colors play on people at a subconscious level.   Decorate your home with a style and theme that appeals to the largest audience you are trying to attract.  If your house is in a distinguished and mature aged area, furnishing your home with young adult decorative themes will not appeal to your target market.   If you are unsure of what is best for your market, talk to your real estate agent or an interior decorator for some current ideas.

Away with the Clutter

Downsize.  If you have spent years acquiring and collecting items, downsize before listing your home for sale.  When people are looking at real estate purchases, they realize that the owners are still living there but they also want to know how they can make this new home their own.  If they cannot see the rooms for the furniture, then they will not be able to properly visualize their own belongings there and may continue to look elsewhere.   A completely empty home is not the most appealing either.  Decorate tastefully without being cluttered, allow the room to show itself using furniture and decorations as accents.

Keep it Clean

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in real estate sales. A home, no matter how beautiful it is, will be passed over if it is not clean.  Before your home is ready for viewing, be sure that it is thoroughly scrubbed and dusted.  Do not overlook corners, vents and light fixtures.   Contact a reputable cleaning services to do this for you if budget allows.  When it is done, ask your real estate agent for their opinion. If they see areas that need further cleaning, then be sure to complete this before your first showing.

Who Do You Want to Sell To?

List in the correct demographic market.  If you are selling a family home then advertise to families looking to buy.  Do not list your home in a mainly seniors market if your home is listed in an area that caters to small children.  If you are next to a school or playground, emphasize this in your advertisement.  If you are on an ocean, use this as a feature but apply it to the correct market.  If your home is close to Universal Studios, then advertise the rental component features of it and advertise it to a market that is looking for income property.  The key is, you cannot sell your home, no matter how great it is if you’re not reaching the right people that are looking to purchase it.  Have a good look at your real estate for sale, think would be most interested in it and be sure that your home listing is reaching these areas.

Put Away Sentiments

The sentimental value of your home will not reflect in the sale price.  You can ask more for your home then the general listing guidelines for your area but be sure to back it up with solid reasons why it is worth that higher amount.   If you can afford to sit on it for a bit, then go for the price you desire.  If you are unsure if your reasons are valid enough, then talk to your real estate agent about their options on the asking price of your home.

Your home may be a valuable piece of real estate in a prestigious area of town but if the first thing buyer sees is an outdated, dirty and cluttered home, then it will not sell as quickly as you  desire.  Look at your home from a buyer’s perspective.   Talk to your real estate agent about suggestions they will have to make your home sell faster.  Do your part to ensure that your home meets the expectations of those that come to view your property for sale.   Each home showing is a potential sale.  Do not let these opportunities pass you by.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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