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Seven Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business.

We all know the importance of running effective marketing campaigns on social media. Unfortunately, with all the strategies and information out there, sometimes businesses get it wrong. The best and brightest social media campaigns can go down in a blaze of glory with one poorly worded tweet. To ensure your social media crusades are successful, don’t make these seven social media mistakes by companies:

#1: Forgetting to Blog

Don’t forget that blogging is essential to gaining traffic and followers. It also creates a persona for your brand. Well executed content for blogs also has tremendous SEO advantages and can contribute greatly to the success of your social media campaigns. Timely blogs that speak to your target audience will enrich your inbound marketing strategies, as well as your social media and traditional marketing campaigns.

#2: Sharing is Not Always Caring

Understandably, you want to share the personality of your brand on social media. You want your business service or product to stick out among the crowd as something special with a unique voice. This creates brand loyalty and trust from your followers and potential customers. However, you want to avoid getting too personal and sharing too much with your audience. Avoid engaging in negative feedback and stay away from topics such as religion, politics and controversial subjects. Keep in mind that what you might think is funny might be offensive to others. Talking about these things can hurt your reputation as a company and cause people to unfollow you. Instead, focus on topics that are relevant and will interest your target audience.

#3: Using #hashtags Wrong

I’m sure you have used hashtags many times in your social media posts. Images that include a hashtag receive more likes than those that don’t. But be mindful when using them. If you are using hashtags that aren’t clearly defined, your hashtag could potentially be stolen and could be used in a negative way. These “hashtag hijackers” take random hashtags that are popular and use them to piggy back for views.

Also, try to avoid using a bunch of random hashtags that are slightly related simply because they may or may not be relevant to your post. Using a ton of hashtags takes away from your content and can come off as tacky. Be sure your hashtags are clearly defined so that they are going to reach the exact audience you want.

#4: Thoughtless Shares

Not taking the time to create a thoughtful post can be detrimental to your business. You must create something that benefits or engages your followers so you are going to have to get creative. For example, designing your social media content that serves your local area or creating a contest, promotion or giveaway can motivate your audience to like, share and engage in your campaign. Create an incentive like #turkeytuesdays if you own a sandwich shop. Call for images or ideas for people’s favorite turkey sandwich. Doing this can make you the most popular spot in town!

#5: Because it was There

Many businesses feel that they should be using every single one of the social media platforms available simply because they are out there. This is not the case. You do want to diversify and become a large presence on many of the platforms. But this does not mean you have to be on all of them. A plumbing company who is on LinkedIn and Facebook might not need to have a Snapchat or Pinterest account. By doing a little research, you can easily find out where your target audience is visiting and market strictly to those platforms.

#6: Getting Hacked

It should go without saying that you need to guard your passwords to your social media accounts closely. Security on social media is a huge concern for any business. You do not want your account suspended or your followers to lose trust in your brand if it is hacked. Make sure you have creative passwords in place and are using social media management tools. Only certain individuals should have access to these passwords and you should change these passwords every few months.

#7: Slacking on Tracking

If you do not track your activity and effectiveness of your social media campaigns, how will you know if they are working? You must monitor updates and efforts to see what is driving traffic and what is failing. There are many tools available to help you track, including HootsuiteBufferMoz Analytics and of course Google Analytics.

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Muzahed I.
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