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Tax And Your Business: 5 Great Online Resources

Owning a small business is no small task. Between balancing payroll, overseeing production and handling day-to-day operations, you might not have the time or energy to learn the ins and outs of tax law. You might understand the basics and even have a staff accountant, but in order to stay ahead of financial crises, you should keep up with the latest news that could affect your business. Here are five great online resources that offer UK businesses free tax information to help you stay ahead.

Goodman Jones
Managed by the accountant firm Goodman Jones, this website offers tax calculators, a blog on financial news and readily accessible information on business tax and more. You don’t need to be a client of this London-based accounting firm to take advantage of their advice. They’re ready to help you solve difficult tax situations by providing useful information on their comprehensive website.

Scopulus has been offering online resources for businesses for more than seven years, and their collective approach to free information earns them a place among great online tax resources. Providing legal documents, business articles and a plethora of financial information, Scopulus aims to offer business owners everywhere the tools they need for successful financial management.

Tax Cafe
Established in 1999, Tax Cafe has been offering professional tax guides to businesses, investors and anyone who wants to learn tax laws for over a decade. Their unique guides cover everything from VAT to property tax, which makes it easy for you to choose the guide you need for your business. If you need solid guidance in an easy-to-use format, then check out this great website.

Taxation Law @ Oxford University
The faculty of Oxford University have compiled an excellent resource that offers a wide variety of tax information. With links to external sites on every tax situation imaginable, Taxation Law @ Oxford University provides ample resources for all of your business tax needs. The site also features announcements on upcoming seminars so you can stay up to date on tax and other financial information.

Taxation Web
Led by a team of financial experts, Taxation Web compiles sources from all over to provide individuals and businesses the information they need on proper taxation. The website includes a blog for businesses as well as links to outside resources, and these features make it a go-to place to find accurate and accessible tax-related information.

Each of these blogs and websites offers a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help you manage your small business’s finances. If you want to stay up to date on changing tax laws and regulations, then check out any or all of these blogs for sound financial advice. You may not always have the time to become as tax-savvy as you’d like, but these online resources will help you stay sharp and alert when it comes to business tax in the UK.


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