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Top Tips For Choosing A Good Employment Law Lawyer

Employment law is a heavy subject. There are many terms to understand and rights for employers and employees. Before attending an employment tribunal, it is essential to seek legal advice and understand more about the case. This involves finding the right firm, which involves research.

Make Sure the Firm Specializes in this Area

There are so many different areas of law that law firms tend to specialize in certain ones. Corporate firms usually handle cases involving employment and dismissals but they can be expensive. This is due the resources needed to research any previous cases to help support the case and find all the evidence. Firms that do not specialize in the area are not likely to accept the case.

Check the Experience of the Firm and Lawyer

Always find out more about the firm and any lawyer who will handle the case. It is important to find out how many cases the firm has won and lost in similar areas to yours and the experience the lawyer has with employment tribunal cases. More experience naturally increases the chances of winning but could also increase the settlement amount if the company wants to avoid a judge. Some firms may place a first-year associate on an easy case but you can request someone more experienced to increase your chances of winning.

Find Out the Name of the Company’s Law Firm

One law firm will not represent both parties in a case; it is a conflict of interest. Save your time and resources by finding out the name of the firm the other party is using. Employers usually already have a legal team and will have used them in the past. After researching this, you may find that there are sister companies to avoid.

Talk to the Lawyers

When you narrow down your choices, talk to the lawyers within the firm by arranging a consultation. Some firms offer the first consultation free of charge as it not only helps you but helps them decide if the case is worth their time. It will give you both a chance to find out more about each other, about the case and experience and for the lawyer to understand everything you want out of the tribunal.

Finding a good and experience employment law lawyer takes time but is worth it. This helps increase the chances of winning, without having to stand in front of a judge. There is a higher chance of a large settlement offer to reduce the stress.

Keith Cronin loves the law – and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with you. Keith has contributed this article on behalf of Ashby Cohen – the employment law experts.

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