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United Stats construction industry and the economical effect

The construction industry in the United States sets the stage for how the overall economy does. A strong construction industry indicates a strong economy, while a weaker industry spells trouble on the horizon. However, the good news in 2013 is the construction industry in the United States is starting a fast upward climb, indicating a number of jobs to be had for those possessing various skills. While all states have jobs available, some are doing much better than others when it comes to job growth.

Growth In America

According to a report issued by the Associated General Contractors of America, more than half the states in the U.S. are experiencing significant growth in the construction industry. Among the states with the highest percentage of job gains are the western states of Montana and Wyoming. Montana, with a 15.2% increase in jobs, leads the way of all states across the nation, while Wyoming is not far behind at 13.7%. Other states with high job growth rates include North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, California and Texas.

The Three Reasons

According to leading economists, there are three major reasons driving this growth. First are the low vacancy rates currently occurring in rental property, leading to an increase in the building of new apartment complexes. Another reason spurring growth is the increase of natural gas extraction as a result of increased construction. A third and final reason for the growth is the increased investment in manufacturing facilities by companies, which is the result of increased confidence from the companies that the economy will continue to grow at a strong pace over the next several years.

Varies By The State

Within the states that are experiencing the most job growth, there are a number of jobs that are in more demand than others. For example, states such as Texas which have thriving natural gas industries are always seeking workers experienced in heavy construction or civil engineering. Extracting gas from underground shales is creating rapid growth, leading to a huge demand for these jobs.

The increase in the building of manufacturing facilities is another factor that’s creating demand for certain construction jobs. States such as North and South Dakota, along with California are in great need of skilled ironworkers and electricians. Ironworkers who can construct the large steel frames of the buildings, along with certified welders, are in high demand because finding certified welders can be very difficult, so their services are in high demand with equally high compensation.

Shocking Career Demands

Electricians are also needed in these states to install the electrical grid and HVAC systems at manufacturing plants, and are in demand in other states as well to provide wiring for apartment complexes and new houses. They are also in demand by companies who are buying properties for renovation and resell, with their services greatly needed in such states as California and Texas.

As the construction industry goes, so goes the U.S. economy. Fortunately, the current trend is a good one, and with continued growth the industry seems poised to stay strong for many years to come.

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