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3 Marketing Must Haves for the Business Start-Ups

Last year in 2012, we saw a serious boom in the web-based start-ups and among the investors along with the venture capitalists. They all were sitting around the negotiation table with the blank checks and with an eager smile.

The year 2012 all the experts said that – If you have a great idea then you could make many things happen in favor of you. If the idea gets into rolling then the story becomes something different. You come across so many web-based tools, apps and business trinkets in the headlines. You can initiate the various search engine-marketing activities to make your business enter the next level.

You need to have a robust plan of attack for the new business start-ups. Not everything goes viral like the Facebook. Most of the websites are there that requires a swift kick to get the online visibility and have the business rolling.

Look on the three marketing must haves for the new start-ups, to set their business on track:

1.       Plan All the Phases at the Same Time

Many will advise you to have a well built and an oiled website in order to have an impact in the business space. Some of you like to do that isn’t it? Some of the start-ups in the today’s business space are consistently evolving their site, their functionality and the layout. Plan all the phases of action at the same time.

Phase 1 should gain some traction and the phase 2 should go live when you are already in the work. You have so many technologies around you, to make the sites work faster. Convert better and communicate every time to keep things fresh as your business grow.

Do not worry about your rival if they do the same thing. Since every company has their own set of culture and goals. You should keep on improving your website to meet the demand of your web traffic.

2.       Set The Conversion Goals

There are start-up sites that are well designed and convert well, whereas there are some, which have no conversion goals. Depending on the web traffic goals, you have to lead down the traffic at all times. You have lots of paths to send down the traffic. You may send them to your Twitter account, or Facebook account to find multiple extensions of your brand. Create the un-cluttered paths to find a concise layout that can benefit your followers.

3.       Become a Social Butterfly

Companies that are in the business space for many times can offset the use of the social media platforms, because they had been handling the business for so long, utilizing the other modes.  The new start-ups, which are taking birth every day, should be conducting more social media than the oldies. Social communication for business start-ups is paving the way in digital space and has to put it in the man-hours with a robust social media strategy.

Social media strategies that the business start-ups must use are:

  • Facebook Communication
  • Embedded Document Sharing (Slideshare, ScribdDocStoc)
  • Twitter Interaction
  • Daily Updates of the Social Business Profiles
  • Social Influence Growth
  • Brand Personality and the Culture

If you are start-up and eager to get the business rolling, then you have to be robust in your approach and have many extensions of your brand in the search space. The business goal is to get audience bumping into you in as many locations as possible.

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Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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