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6 Reasons Why Customers Say ‘No’ To You

We all hate the word ‘No’, especially when you are selling something you know people really need. If you have been in the sales business for quite some time, you must have already heard most of the ‘No’ phrases. There may be those who immediately shuts the door after one look at you, those who simply enjoy disagreeing with you and contradict everything you have to say and those who tell you they have another provider after hearing you out. There are just so many reasons and phrases that people just do not seem to run out of them.

Is ‘No’ Really A No?

The fact is, when your potential customer tells you ‘No’, he may not be telling the truth. If you probe a bit more, you can find out why the customer said ‘No’ and then use it to improve your strategy in making more sales. However, if you keep getting rejected, do not let it get to you. You must remember that there is no smart answer when customers resist what you have to offer.

The best thing you can do is determine why your customers say ‘No’. Once you know the reason, finding a way to make them say ‘Yes’ or perhaps consider your business will be easier.

Uncovering The Truth Behind The No’s

Usually, customers say ‘No’ based on various factors that are not apparent to you and sometimes, even to them. You may question your capabilities, but do not let it affect the interaction you can have with all your customers, because all customers are different. Simply uncover the real reason behind their ‘No’ and learn from it.

1. They May Not Like You

The first reason why customers resist sales people such as yourself, is because they may not like you. They do not dislike you, but they do not really know you since there is not built relationship, they do not trust you. To overcome this, you simply need to get them to like you. Build that trust and relationship, by being friendly, smiling and being a wonderful listener.

2. You Sound Like A ‘Smarty Pants’

When you have a habit of using too many technical terms or jargon, customers tend to misunderstand you and mistake you for a ‘smarty pants’. This habit also makes it difficult for customers to understand as the usage of complicated terminologies and phrases do not make the language clear. Instead, stick to simple terms, speak clearly and ask questions to check if customers understand you.

3. They Were Not Listening

Some customers are the type of people who are easily distracted that stops them from listening to you attentively. Such people are usually those with phones continuously ringing off the hook, children running about, baby crying and dogs barking. They can also be those who are constantly busy and worn out by the time you get there. To ensure that you have their attention, simply keep on checking on them to see if they are comfortable.

4. They Are Hesitant About Change

People, who do not like change, have a preference to stay in their comfort zone. In fact, having a sales person suggest or recommend a change in how they do things can trigger annoyance and instant dislike. This situation calls on for special tactics such as free trials, promotions and the like.

5. They Are Not The Decision Maker

Perhaps you were talking with the wrong person. If you want to make sure that you do secure a sale, you must look for the decision maker. If you are uncertain if the person you are already speaking to is the decision maker, do not be afraid to ask.

6. They Just Do Not Need It

Sometimes you just have to give in and accept the fact that they do not need your product and services. Other times, they just do not have the money to pay for what you are offering. Regardless, try to provide them with scenarios to help them reconsider and payment plans so that they can afford it.

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