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Anik Singal’s “eSCAPE” Book Review: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

It is not an easy task to establish your own business, and earning success needs lots of sacrifices. But some of us give up thinking success is not made for us and lost hopes.  No, don’t lose hopes, you still have the opportunity to turn your dream into reality. Let’s renew your hopes, get motivation and determination to pursue your dream with full strength.

Today we are going to review the legendary life-changing book eSCAPE: the 4 Stages of Becoming an Entrepreneur” written by Anik Singal that has changed many peoples life insight regarding entrepreneurship and the real world.

In the book “eSCAPE”, Anik Singal discussed how an entrepreneur successfully establishes their business on time and turn long lost dream into reality. This book contains the secret formula to business success, proven tips and tricks.

Daymond John“…with this book, Anik gives you that tested formula, and he speeds up that entire process for you so you don’t have to waste money, energy, and most importantly time learning these lessons the hard way.

That’s what this book does…

It gives you an entire plan to escape your current life and finally get the one you’ve always dreamt of…

Here’s to changing the world.”

Daymond John “The People’s Shark”

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eSCAPE: What does exactly mean

e-S-C-A-P-E-formula-Anik-SingalOne of the top entrepreneur Anik Singal teaches in his book how you can start from “e” and reach “E”. In here, small “e” means “Employee” and capital “E” means “Entrepreneur”

In here “Employee” doesn’t mean you should be an employee working for any company. It means starting your journey as a beginner and reach the point where you found yourself as a successful businessman.

The book is the REAL life story of Anik Singal, how he started, challenges he faced, drowned into $1.7 Million debts, almost bleeding to death, figure out the success formula to re-establish and became a successful entrepreneur.

His object is clear in his book, and he wants everyone to become entrepreneur following the 4 simple steps. No unnecessary information, this book will show you “to-the-point” success formula from “e-E”.

Now, the meaning of S-C-A-P

“S” stands “Self”: Makes you work on some of your CORE characteristics yourself on the way to becoming an entrepreneur.

“C” stands Catapult”: You will learn 5 strategies to plan and discover your objectives.

“A” stands “Authority”: learn the basics to win the authority and leadership.

“P” stands “People”: This step disclose how exactly you become an entrepreneur and gain success in a competitive market.

What you will learn from this book

Millions of people trying their luck to be an entrepreneur but only a few of them actually can reach the goal. The inspiration for writing the book is to answer the questions why most of the people fail to become an entrepreneur. Searching the answer to the questions leads Anik Singal to a beautiful journey of self-discovery. What he did for finding the answer to the questions: he goes through every detail of his life, the challenges he faced and how he overcome them. He recalls the memories that inspired him to reach his goal. His journey to success was not smooth, and he faced a lot of bumps on his way to success.  Hard work, perseverance and determination makes him able to overcome all the obstacle of his life.

The “eSCAPE” book shows the exact roadmap for significant breakthroughs as an entrepreneur. After selling over $200 million worth products online, establish six companies, take interviews of 50 Millionaire and 5 Billionaires, he discloses all in his book.

Whether you’re a beginner or already gain some achievement, this book is full of incredible insights, tips and tricks that could give you your most significant breakthrough.

Once you master the formula filled with this book, you can come out from a straggling entrepreneur to scaling your business to millions at an incredible speed.

Breakdown of what inside:

Section 1 (First 8 Short Chapters): Discussion on what an Entrepreneur really mean and how misconception leads to failure.

Section 2 (Remaining 24 Short Chapters): More details discussion on each of 4 stage and defines the 5 characteristics needs to be perfect before conquering Entrepreneurship.

A Powerful & Free “eSCORE Assessment”: You can take a real assessment. Learn your current probability or really succeeding as an entrepreneur today.

FULL Report On Where YOU Should Focus: Get a beautiful details report where you EXACTLY need to pay more attention to see the major improvement in your potential success!

Real Case Studies & Stories: Real-world success stories from writer life, his students, his mentors and top successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

“An Entrepreneur is someone who claims a problem and decides to own the process of finding a solution to that problem. And that solution creates tremendous value in the lives of others” – Anik Singal (The Writer)

Reader Opinion:

eSCAPE reader opinion

If your 9-5 work has drained the life out of you and you are at last prepared to begin your own business, give this book a read as it demonstrates to you the various number of opportunities we fail to get while on our entrepreneur journey. Not exclusively will give you the motivation you have to conquer your dream, it will help you to build a successful stream of income within short time-length. Get your copy!

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