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Gameplan: The Complete Strategy Guide to go from Starter Kit to Silver

With a passion for helping others and a modern approach to sharing the oils, Sarah Harnisch made it to Platinum in Young Living in just 17 months. Now she’s sharing her strategy in this densely-packed guide to take you from starter kit to Silver in Young Living.

Understand the chessboard of network marketing and get practical advice for every aspect of your business. Includes scripts for classes, training leaders, invitations and closings and duplicatable systems to help you:

• Fill classes without knowing people
• Share the oils compliantly
• Follow up with confidence
• Build strong leaders

Learn to run your Young Living business with confidence. It is time to grow!

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Author: Sarah Harnisch retired from her full time job as a radio news anchor just one year after starting her Young Living business. A year later, she retired her husband, John, and they are raising their children together in upstate New York. Sarah regularly travels across the nation sharing her passion for abundant health and financial freedom through Young Living essential oils. Her goal is to raise as many Diamonds as possible.

What reader’s say?

From Amazon:

#mindblown ! I am a YL Platinum Leader and have been looking for an *all in one* resource/training tool to help train my team, ignite some enthusiasm, help people get off the side lines, etc. Sarah has certainly hit this one out of the park! This is a complete step-by-step program, if you will, on getting from ordering your starter kit with Young Living to getting to Silver and beyond. It is all that I have learned and done and continue to do in ONE resource. This ONE resource will totally revolutionize how I train my team and the resources I direct them to in order to learn about network marketing as it pertains to sharing Young Living. 5 stars simply isn’t enough to do justice for just how much I love this book and the workbook companion. Some people need a *Gameplan*, an instructional guide – THIS IS IT! So many people ask me why we *do* Young Living or Network Marketing in general and my answer has always been encompassed in ONE word – FREEDOM! On page 13 of this book, Sarah says “…freedom is better than being famous.” YES YES YES! That totally struck my heart with a resounding AMEN! I love that she just gets right to it. No himhawing around – just gets to the nitty gritty of the heart of why we do Young Living as a business. Changing lives and seeing people become more FREE to do that which the Lord has called them to do.

Sarah says on page 13 “Young Living is a way out. The Lord has sent you a boat. Get on it and get off that island where you’re financially stranded.” Spot on! Young Living has certainly been that life raft for us, not just in finances, but in our total wellness. That is why I love that Young Living seeks to bring “Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance” into every home around the globe!

If you are a Young Living leader, regardless of your current rank, and need a resource to help ignite the spark in YOU and therefore in your team – GET THIS BOOK NOW! There are so many wonderful resources out there, don’t get me wrong, but Sarah has been able to masterfully gather all the great information and nuggets of wisdom from each of them and wrap it all into ONE resource! Got a leader in your Young Living organization that no matter how many coaching calls you do with them, no matter how many *you can do it* chants you cheer out at them, just seems stuck or stagnant? GET THEM THIS BOOK! I wish I had had something like this a year ago! Heck, I wish this was available in 2013 when I decided to *do* the business side of Young Living.

Thanks, Sarah for taking the time to pen such an amazing tool!


I’ve been reading since this book arrived yesterday. I immediately ordered 3 more for my some of my leaders. By page 10 I knew I would need 10 more. By page 42 I knew I’d need 20, I mean 25 more to share with my team. For now. Seriously, the information here is so encouraging, so concise yet thorough, that I can’t wait to get it into the hands of anyone who will read it! There are ideas for different personalities and talents so folks can figure out what works best for them. Sarah is an amazing cheerleader and her sense of purpose is infectious. I can’t wait to see the fruits in my business after implementing her strategies!

Gameplan is a FANTASTIC resource for Young Living business builders!! This book offers solid, practical advice in a really fun an easy to read way. Sarah is the real deal and this is a must read for any Young Living distributor!

This is a step by step plan to financial freedom. It has been successful for many people, and I highly recommend it. Get the workbook too! If you are like me, you have recognized the income potential of multi-level-marketing with residual income, and may have tried a few but not succeeded. This book gives you the step by step guide to succeed, which I never had before, even though I went to meetings and rallies, even a convention once. If you are persistent and follow the steps, you will succeed! I just completed the book, workbook and free audio, and have already quadrupled my organization. This is not just a rah-rah-you -can-do-it book. It gives clear instructions that work. It is also clear that it does take some serious effort, but I came away with skills and knowledge that I am putting to use. I strongly recommend this book and the workbook that goes with it.

Sarah is an amazing inspiration! She is an awesome speaker, very humble, down to earth, knows her facts, has a world of knowledge in the young living oils category and definitely has a GAME PLAN that has worked and rocked their world! I am participating in a 25 day boot camp that Sarah has created, put on by my silver up-line, which covers this book. One word, AWESOME!! Besides the book being exceptional, she offers so many documents and information free on her website and I think that is amazing that someone would put that much time and effort into something and share at no cost to ANYONE!! Sarah and her husband ROCK! Thank you for being such an inspiration and letting us hear your story! If anything, you must hear their life story if you are ever in doubt that you can’t succeed!

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Muzahed I.
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