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5 Best Times of Job Negotiation

Negotiation means a formal discussion with someone to reach an agreement with him/her. While working in a company, we often negotiate. But when we negotiated and got a failure, the effect can set us back in both aspects professional and personal. Perhaps the case of our job negotiation can be strong and even made an influential impact on the board.

Still, the question appears. Was the timing of the job negotiation right?

The fact is the timing of the request is crucial so that the impact of your conversations are in your side. This task is simple to do, but this can be possible only if you have primary knowledge of asking opportunity. Requesting at the right time can only drive your negotiation in a positive direction. There are five occasions on which the positive direction of your job negotiation can be driven:

  1. When you knock it out of the park on any project

If the negotiation means power to influence people then first see what the opposite party greed from you and vice versa. Then use your important wins to make your advantage. For example, if your publicity in favor of company and you along with your value is talked in a best possible way. Take this as a form of currency and use this as your advantage. Start asking for your increment in responsibility that points towards your inventory of current examples of organizing proper business value.

  1. Time when your company is experiencing a flux

The most difficult time of negotiation is when the future of the Company is uncertain. But when there is any flux about the future of the company, for example, a shakeup, merger or downsizing- the opportunity is high at that time. Perhaps the request made by you could lead an important goal for your company in the future, meet a need that is pressing one or could stabilize the born crisis there. Let’s take an example, in any company that is forcing to their employee for unprecedented productivity, keep asking for your expected role to share half with your peer. Here it is up to you to make this case as the company will get your efforts as more than one person’s total effort and also the productivity.

  1. When your company or your department has achieved an important win

Perhaps it becomes fortunate for you to work in any hot area of your organization. Even when you are not amongst those lucky masses, your involvement in that shared win should be capitalized. And after it, you will get a proper time of negotiation. Perhaps you are working as a marketer who just helped in launching of a campaign that brings your organization on the map, or you are working in HR, and the organization is recently recognized as the best place to work in. In these cases, you can utilize your presence and involvement in the successful group projects to negotiate and make your request. You should be ready to show the way your contribution mattered and also added something very important.

  1. When you have gone above and beyond

Beyond wowing your peers with a continuous great performance in the project, doing some extra can make your position uniquely good to negotiate. For example, when your senior asks you to go somewhere that no other employees want to travel, indulge you in any ridiculous 11:00 pm request of any client or to do anything at the weekend. These are some examples of discretionary effort which results in your trustworthiness, loyalty, and reliability to your boss.

  1. After you are told “No” on minimum two other requests

If you had heard this before, then you got your positive direction. When someone asks for something important to us, a natural pressure arises on the other side. When you had said “No” several times then the pressure of telling “Yes” is increased on the other party.  As most people cannot like to reject any person on numerous occasions, then this historic information can be used to your advantage. You can try by saying, “I’ve been told 3 “no’s” in last several months on project pitches. So based on XYZ evidence, I must say this one is worth pursuing.”

People wait for a proper invitation to start any negotiation. They may ask some extra money at the performance review, no doubt a veritable desert of the precious time, when the increment has usually been established. Now it’s all up to you to decide when your career capital is at its highest, and then it’s time to act.

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