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Choosing an Investment Strategy for Your Super

Australia’s retirement plan, called a super fund, is one of the best plans in the world. It might be a good idea to take a few pointers from them. Involving yourself as a trustee in a Self Managed Super Fund is a great way of planning for your retirement. The fund is easy to manage due to the limited number of people involved directly in its operations. This type of superannuation entities has become popular and brings with it an array of advantages to trustees.

Members have numerous options of investments in order to grow their capital. The group can agree to put some of their money in listed companies on the Stock Exchange for long term gains. Investments can be in real estate or other commercial activities that are sure to bring you some revenue. Engaging in profitable activities usually translates to immediate benefits. This may mislead the trustees to start enjoying then instead of keeping them for the future.

When you run a business, and at the same time you have registered the enterprise with an super fund, you are given an opportunity to buy property from within the fund. Properties acquired in this way come with an advantage of reduced taxes. You can also borrow money from outside and use it to buy the property, and then direct the profits to your retirement plan. You can start a self managed super fund, in which you control your fund with the guidance of reputable institution.

A member may decide to give a certain amount of property to the fund as contribution. This increases the capital base and profitability of an SMSF thus a direct gain to other trustees. However, like any other business, the more profits a company makes the more taxes it pays. Thus, you group might be required to pay higher tax depending with the value of acquired assets. To make wise decisions when accepting contributions from a trustee, it is important to seek counsel from a tax professional.

To safe guard against risks and loses, whatever a member invests remains under the fund and cannot be used to grant a loan back to him. Neither can a close relation borrow from the fund on the name of a member. This allows risk reduction. Clearly drawn strategies should be followed to the latter if the fund is to succeed. There should be more investment than loaning out.

Since your assets and those of the SMSF are separated, you become secure in case of financial difficulties on your side. The property attached to the group cannot be counted as personal property and can only be disposed when they are due. Losing a job towards retirement should, therefore, not be a worry to you.

The group trustees do not receive a stipend for the services they offer to the Self Managed Super Fund. This makes it possible for the shareholders to increase revenue while eliminating any overheads that may arise. You, as a member, should therefore be at ease in carrying out tasks related to raising the profile of your superfund. In the long run, it is you who will be safe financially after retirement.

In case of death, there is a law provision that requires immediate payment of benefits be done to the next of kin by the trustees. Though death is an unfortunate occurrence, you will have in place a mechanism that protects your children and other member of the family who may be dependent on you. Joining an SMSF should, therefore, become a priority you. The earlier you form one, the better. It is prudent to seek legal advice on the establishment and running of such an entity.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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