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Different Cultures and Key Communicating Skills in Business: Language, Message, Feedback and Patience

Communication is the key to everything, period. This is an aspect that many business owners and even specialists in various fields don’t understand. The idea here is as simple as it can be: how you choose to communicate your message is what speaks loudest about your company. That is the main reason why language is of the essence, as it helps you connect with your targeted audience.

Let’s take the example of a company that has taken its business to the next level. There are certain aspects which the company needs to implement and language translation is an important one. The main reason why this is relevant is because not everyone who travels to a foreign country can speak English.

This means that you need to be able to adapt the message, the values and the principles of the company to the language of that specific country. But this is just the beginning as word to word translation is not enough. Business owners need to take into consideration the fact that a new country implies a new set of people, a new culture, a new mentality and different ways of doing things. This means that the message the company sends needs to take into account all of these variables.

Furthermore, the idea of having a strong message that has been adapted to the targeted audience in that specific country helps you build trust. Think about it: if someone new comes to you, do you immediately trust him or her? The very same theory applies here. A brand, a company or a corporation needs to be able to build up trust in new clients so that they will become loyal to the brand. That’s a reality you should understand and face in order to work your way through a global market.

If you are speaking the same language as your future clients, and you understand their culture, their values and way of seeing life, you are halfway there. The rest is up to what you think about your message, your style and how you interact with people. Remember that you are on a foreign territory so testing is essential here. Asking for feedback is one of the most professional things that you can do, as you constantly need to know what your clients think so that you know if your message is meeting their needs.

Finally, there is the idea of patience. You can learn the language, have professionals handle the message and even be the first in your market globally, but you still need a lot of patience for people to actually trust you. This can be a long process, but if you persist, you have come a long way toward building a strong business relationship.

In conclusion, there are three concepts that you need to keep in mind when it comes to global markets: language and message, feedback and patience. If you master those, you can be certain of success.

Muzahed I.
Muzahed I.
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